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"Sports writing much of the time is a recap of a contest, a bland summary of a game played between opponents. However, with Jeff Simmons, it’s often a richly developed story with interesting characters, conflict and resolution.  We know how the game turned out already ... Jeff makes you look forward to the story within and surrounding that contest, in colorful ways that you don’t find elsewhere.  He helps you know the athletes, the coaches, and the 'family' surrounding them. He provides great story-telling that is an important part of the community of sports and the full experience of what sports gives to us.  He is a different kind of sports writer."

- Centertown coach and 1979 Lady Pioneer state champ Kelly Eckenrod 

I've always loved sports. There was never a time when I didn't think I would spend my life doing something that involved sports. Little did I know, it would be covering my hometown teams that would be my calling in life.

Back in 2010, I had the chance to start covering Warren County sports. As 'Simmons Says' was in its early stages, I began referring to myself as the Warren County Sports Authority. Over the last 10 years, I've tried my best to live up to that persona.

In those last 10 years, I've been recognized seven times by the Tennessee Press Association for sports writing, coverage and photography. I want to continue to provide award-winning sports coverage to this area.

I hope sports fans gather here to enjoy the best coverage of Warren County sports. We welcome fans of all teams - the Pioneers, the Lions, the Broncos, the Wildcats, the Warriors, the Eagles, the Tigers, the Bulldogs, the Hawks, the Stars and the Wizards. We want to be everywhere - from the Friday Night Lights at Nunley Stadium to Midway Ball Park where you can smell the burgers from a mile away.

I invite all fans of Warren County sports to come here and enjoy the great stories on our local athletes. There is nothing better than celebrating Warren County wins.

Jeffery Simmons, the Warren County Sports Authority

"During my years coaching, Jeff's insight into all sports was phenomenal. He's a true student of the games."

- Former WCHS volleyball coach Franklin Fisher

"There is no person I trust covering our players or our teams more than Jeff Simmons."

- WCHS basketball coach

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