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Barstool, WCSA join forces

Barstool Baby!

Get ready to hear it a lot when you’re tuning in for the latest Pioneer coverage. Easton Adcock and Ty Martin – the guys behind the popular Barstool Warren County Twitter and YouTube pages - have made the decision to join forces with the Warren County Sports Authority. Together, they are looking to build a dynasty in local sports coverage.

“I feel awesome. We have been looking to team up with somebody for a while and improve our content,” said Adcock. “This is how we’re going to improve our content. I’ve been a big fan of Jeffery Simmons’ work and I want to be a journalist when I get older so I might as well learn from the best around.”

Adcock and Martin have already made their mark on local coverage with entertaining interviews with several members of the Pioneer football team. Adcock, a former football player himself, always closes his interviews out with 1-on-1 competitions, including racing Dante Elam in a 40-yard-dash and going toe-to-toe with star Pioneer WR Kason Holder.

All that and more are coming as the group finds a new online home with the Warren County Sports Authority.

“I’m excited to get to work. We have a lot of big ideas and big things in the works. This is going to be good for both of us,” said Martin.

The dynamic duo will be continuing their spotlight player interviews and are working to develop a pregame show to air before Friday night Pioneer games. Also, don’t expect the haymakers to stop online.

Easton Adcock, left, and Ty Martin.

“We’re going to be talking a little trash to other teams on our Twitter,” said Adcock.

Simmons is happy to have the young guys on the ever-expanding Warren County Sports Authority roster.

“When I knew I was going to form my own media site, I wanted it to be a refreshing look at sports in Warren County. I’ve always had a passion for bringing people the latest news and you can really only do that now by being a presence on social media,” said Simmons, who started the WCSA website in late July. “I think you’re seeing everybody flock to our site because they know it’s the best coverage of Pioneer sports and it’s brought to you by people who are passionate about our local teams.

“With Easton and Ty, we are adding two guys who love the Pioneers. We want to promote them all we can and help them on their journey to becoming stars in the sports media industry.”

Just like when Hulk Hogan and the Macho Man Randy Savage joined forces, Barstool Madness has met WCSA Mania in Warren County.

Welcome the Warren County sports media Mega Powers!

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