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Candidate Announcement: Blaine Wilcher

Blaine Wilcher, County's First Republican Office Holder, seeks 4th term

submitted by Blaine Wilcher

First of all, let me thank the voters of the 4th district for electing me as their Commissioner for the last three terms. I appreciate their support and I have always worked hard to be the best Commissioner I could be for them and all of Warren County.

When I was first elected, as a Republican, it was a big deal to me. Now, I'm more focused on representing everyone, no matter their political affiliation, in my district and Warren County. Our children's future depends on sound leadership now. I continue to work to find common ground on each issue, without compromising my core conservative values.

As a Commissioner, I have worked hard to improve our Animal Control and Adoption Center, the Health Department, and the Sanitation Department. Outside of my district, some of the areas that I'm proud to have been a part of were getting the caution lights at the Rock Island and Highway 70 intersection, two Veteran Bridge dedications, hosting the Great BODIES! car show each year for Families in Crisis and serving as Chairman of the Commission.

I have answered my phone, many times over the past 12 years, with someone saying, "I know you are not my commissioner, but..." - I'm always glad to help out in any way I can, when possible. I have been blessed to work with so many great commissioners, whom I call friends, and continue to vote no to any unneeded tax increases.

I believe all commissioners should work together, to work within our budget, and provide the best services possible without burdening the tax payers further. If given the opportunity, I will gladly continue to serve all my friends in the 4th district and all of Warren County. I love this county and I want to thank everyone who has supported me in any way over the years.

The Warren County Sports Authority is offering all 2022 candidates (challengers and incumbents) the option of announcing their intentions to run on our website. There is no charge to the candidate, it is free and accessible to all readers. Announcements are in the candidates' own words. The WCSA only provides the platform.

Make sure to bookmark our Elections 2022 tab: for more announcements in the future!

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