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Candidate Announcement: Carl D. Bouldin

Bouldin seeks third term in 12th district

submitted by Carl D. Bouldin

I am Carl D. Bouldin and I’m running for re-election for my third term as count commissioner for the 12th District. I am running as an Independent and invite you to check my voting record and see that I’m very conservative. I voted against the tax increase in 2018 after proving it was not needed.

I’ve been a self-employed farmer since graduating high school in 1981. Along with my family, I operate a nursery and cattle farm in the Lucky community.

I currently serve on the Agriculture Extension Committee, Legislative Committee County Corrections Committee and the Economic and Agriculture Committee on which I serve as chairperson.

If re-elected, I will continue to represent the taxpayers of the 12th District and of Warren County while looking for ways to help county government operate efficiently.

I appreciate your vote and support. Thank you!


Early voting began on July 15 and will continue until July 30. Election Day is Thursday, Aug. 4.

The Warren County Sports Authority is offering all 2022 candidates (challengers and incumbents) the option of announcing their intentions to run on our website. There is no charge to the candidate, it is free and accessible to all readers. Announcements are in the candidates' own words. The WCSA only provides the platform.

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