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Candidate Announcement: James Bennett

Longtime Educator Seeks Re-Election to School Board

submitted by James Bennett

Longtime Warren County teacher, coach, and principal James B. Bennett is seeking re-election as District 1 School Commissioner. Bennett served as a classroom teacher for 16 years while he coached basketball and football before becoming an assistant principal at Warren County Junior High. During the time Bennett was assistant principal, Director of Schools Pedro Paz moved Bennett to serve as principal of Morrison Elementary School. “I loved my time as principal at Morrison Elementary. The community was so supportive of that school and the parents were always involved with whatever we were doing as a school family, ” said Bennett when asked about his time as a Morrison Eagle.

After serving the Morrison Community for eight years, Bennett was selected as Executive Principal at Warren County High School where he remained for nine years until his retirement in 2011. Bennett remarked on his time as principal at WCHS. “Being principal of the high school is a huge job. It’s like running a small town. We had to have a lot of structure to make sure that we had a safe learning environment for all of our students. I had the honor of working with a great team of assistant principals at WCHS. Many teachers who worked at the high school when I was principal are still there, and they work hard everyday to make sure our students have every opportunity to be successful. That’s what it is all about. Making sure our students succeed.”

As a board member, Bennett has continued his focus on school safety and high academic standards for students. “During my time as a board member, I have worked with district administration to make sure that every school has at least one school resource officer on campus, and I pressed during my second term to see that the high school had 3 SRO’s. We have to be committed to safety. God forbid anything like what happened in Texas recently were to happen here. We have to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to safety.”

Bennett has also worked with district leadership to develop a five-year strategic plan that focuses on high-quality academic opportunities for students. “Students and families have options now that were not available when I first started teaching. Students can select focus areas while in high school that will lead them to a career. They have opportunities to graduate high school and be industry certified to work in a career of their choosing. I’m proud of the work our district is doing to help prepare our students to be college or career ready,” said Bennett.

“I worked two jobs when I worked in the school system,” said Bennett. “I’ve pressed for increased teacher and staff pay each year I have been on the board. I know what it’s like to teach all day and then go to a second job. Our teachers and staff work hard to do what is right for our students. They deserve fair and equal pay and the chance to go home at night and be with their families instead of worrying about how to make ends meet.”

Bennett prides himself on being accessible to the public. “I get phone calls or emails often,” he said. “I always take the time to respond to people whether it is a teacher, parent, or a student. I put my phone number and my email address on my social media so people can get in touch with me when they have questions or concerns. That is what I was elected to do, represent the people who live in my district. That is what I’ll continue to do as long as I am on the school board.”

Mr. Bennett may be reached at 931-314-0606 or


Early voting for the August 4 Warren County general election begins Friday, July 15.

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