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Candidate Announcement: Ryan Sexton

Ryan Sexton for County Commissioner (D-1)

submitted by Ryan Sexton

Hello residents of Warren County and District 1. My name is Ryan Sexton and I am announcing my candidacy for County Commissioner. I have been a resident of McMinnville, Tenn. for nearly 11 years now and I love this county. I grew up in a county in Alabama with basically the same characteristics as Warren County.

In making my move, I knew this was exactly where God wanted me to be.

My wife Dana is a very important part of my life and our family. I have a son and three daughters. Our son is a business owner back in Alabama and our three daughters are homeschooled by Dana and myself (mostly my wife). Family is very important to me.

My faith and belief in Jesus Christ is the most important thing. Without Him, I would not be who I am, nor would I be where I am today. Dana and I are both active members in our church and in the community. We are both on the praise and worship team at Living Word Fellowship. We are also supporters of organizations such as Hamilton Street Kids and Warren Arts.

Being able to serve as the county commissioner of this county means a great deal to me. I want to serve the communities of Warren County while being a voice for those who may not feel they have a voice. It is my intention to serve this county - lifting it up and getting things back on the right track.

I am the owner of a small business construction/remodeling company, and I understand the importance of small/local business needs. Through the past couple of years, small business has been hit hard by this covid outbreak; therefore, many families have suffered as a result. While this county deals with financial issues, residents of Warren County may be dealing with struggles as well. Along with other strong leadership in this county, I look forward to finding solutions that work; solutions that will not harm Warren County and its residents but build us up stronger together.

Warren County needs and deserves a governing body that is less government, but more stable. I am a strong supporter of constitutional rights that protect our freedoms and liberties. I am also a supporter of law enforcement and the courts who are hired to protect and serve their communities and those rights. It is my intention to make this county a safer place for not just my family, but for your families as well - A place where our children can raise their children while feeling safe and proud of where they live.

Please help me in this campaign and election of 2022 by giving me your vote. The only way to fix things from how they are, is to make a change and vote. Let your voice be heard. Together, we can do this by “Building a Brighter Future.”

Thank you all and God Bless,

Ryan Sexton

The Warren County Sports Authority is offering all 2022 candidates (challengers and incumbents) the option of announcing their intentions to run on our website. There is no charge to the candidate, it is free and accessible to all readers. Announcements are in the candidates' own words. The WCSA only provides the platform.

Make sure to bookmark our Elections 2022 tab: for more announcements in the future!

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