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Candidate announcement: Terry Bell

Terry Bell (R) running for County Executive

submitted by Terry Bell

One of my greatest honors has been to serve the people of Warren County. Warren County is my home. It's where my wife and I chose to put down roots and grow our family. It’s where I decided to build my business and it’s full of communities and people I hold near and dear to my heart.

These past four years, we’ve seen our community go in the wrong direction; we’re more divided than ever, more taxed and more worried about our future. For these reasons and because I love Warren County and its citizens, I am running to be your next County Executive.

Throughout my 16 years as County Commissioner, I established a long record of conservative leadership. We held the line on taxes to keep more money in the pockets of hardworking Warren County families. We worked with the school system to build new schools and renovate out-of-date facilities. And, most importantly, I made sure the taxpayers’ voices were heard by me.

I am running for Warren County Republican nominee for County Executive on May 3. My only agenda is to make Warren County an affordable, safe and welcoming place where its citizens can live, work and play.

As County Executive, I plan to:

  • Work to ensure all areas of the County have access to emergency services. Every citizen deserves to know they can call 911 and have help reach them in a timely manner.

  • Look at different funding options to assist our volunteer fire departments.

  • Work to decrease the cost of insurance for County employees.

  • Work with Senior Center leadership to expand programming and services offered.

  • Invest in our children by keeping the dialogue between the County Executive’s office, the Commission, and the school system open and productive. It is my wish that the school system always feels supported and confident that the Commission is on its side.

  • Work with the Highway Department, Sheriff’s Department, and other interested organizations to beautify Warren County’s roadways. I would like to strategically plant trees, shrubs, and flowers that highlight Warren County’s rich agricultural history. I want to address the litter issue along our roadways. Litter along our roads seems to be an increasing issue and one that could be quickly addressed.

  • Work with County Government to fix all Warren County Animal Control building issues

  • Finally, I want to make sure that Warren County remains an affordable place for citizens to raise their families. It is important to me that taxes remain low to keep more money in the pockets of our residents.

The challenges faced by Warren County demand strong leadership and an ability to bring people together and keep them informed as we move forward. As you decide who is best prepared to lead our community, I hope you will consider my background as a Christian businessman, my extensive experience serving on different committees within the Commission and my past performance as a conservative leader.

As always, I welcome feedback. Let me know what ideas you have regarding getting Warren County back on the right path. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime via call or text at 931-235-1560. And, you can follow campaign activities and announcements on Facebook by liking and following my page, Terry Bell for County Executive.

I appreciate your consideration. Together we can get Warren County back on the right path. I am asking for your Vote in the Republican primary May 3: Early Voting is from April 13-28.

The Warren County Sports Authority is offering all 2022 candidates (challengers and incumbents) the option of announcing their intentions to run on our website. There is no charge to the candidate, it is free and accessible to all readers. Announcements are in the candidates' own words. The WCSA only provides the platform.

Make sure to bookmark our Elections 2022 tab: for more announcements in the future!

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