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Candidate Announcment: Chris Stanford

Stanford Seeking Election as District Attorney for Warren and Van Buren Counties

Press Release Submitted by Chris Stanford

Chris Stanford, a Republican, said he will run against two-term elected Democrat, Lisa Zavogiannis, for District Attorney for the 31st Judicial District of Tennessee (Warren and Van Buren Counties).

“I am seeking election as District Attorney because I want to make our communities safe and prosperous places to raise our children,” Stanford said. “We must make sure our community is safe and vibrant as we raise our little ones in this world of uncertainty. With strong conservative leadership serving in local government, we can accomplish this goal. What a great day it will be when our children are grown and they want to move back to this area to raise their own families!”

Stanford believes that elected officials have a duty to ensure that government is efficient. “If I am elected as your next District Attorney, I commit to managing and working my own caseload while trying jury trials alongside the assistant district attorneys in my office,” Stanford said. "The other attorneys in my office will also meet regularly with me to ensure that we prosecute cases according to the same ideals and standards. If there is waste in the current system, I will put an immediate end to it. I will ensure that my office is a responsible steward of taxpayer funds.”

Stanford also believes there is room for improvement in communication between law enforcement and the District Attorney’s Office. “As your District Attorney, I will ensure that the attorneys working in my office are in regular communication with law enforcement before cases are resolved. Prosecuting these cases must become more of a team effort in order to effectively fight crime. Also, if a police officer is working after normal business hours on a case and needs support from my office, an attorney will always be available to that officer as he or she works to protect our safety on the streets.”

Currently, Chris Stanford is a founder of The Stanford Law Firm, PLLC with his wife and law partner, Christina Stanford. “Deciding to leave my law firm and the best law partner in the world to become the District Attorney for Warren and Van Buren Counties was one of the most difficult decisions of my life,” stated Stanford. “Christina and I started The Stanford Law Firm, PLLC in 2013. Our firm has grown steadily over the years and now has two locations in Manchester and McMinnville. We are one of the area’s preeminent law firms, and life is good. I would only be willing to leave our firm for something I truly believe in, like the pursuit of justice and bettering my community through the work of the District Attorney’s Office.”

As a trial lawyer in private practice, Stanford has overseen a wide variety of cases as they proceed through the justice system. “Sometimes I am in the role of defending an accused defendant,” Stanford stated. “Other times, I serve to protect people, particularly abused children and other vulnerable people, from dangerous criminals. While winning any case can be fun and exciting, the cases where I am able to help protect someone from abuse bring the most joy and satisfaction to my professional life. This is another reason why I feel that I must now use my talents as a trial lawyer to help make life safer and better for the citizens of Warren and Van Buren Counties.”

Given his beliefs about protecting children and other vulnerable people from abuse, Stanford will take a strong approach to prosecuting violent crimes. “Under my administration, our area’s most violent and dangerous criminals will be incarcerated for as long as the law will allow us to get them off the street,” promised Stanford. “If a person is capable of intentionally hurting someone, then society must be protected from that person. Our jails and prisons should be used, first and foremost, to house dangerous members of society so the rest of us can work and play in peace. I will effectively use jury trials to make sure the most dangerous criminals are held accountable to the public. If you like to hurt people, don’t expect a plea offer from my office that will cut you any breaks.”

Stanford will also make sure that drug addicted individuals in the criminal justice system that demonstrate a clear desire to receive help are given opportunities for drug treatment. “Our drug court programs must be expanded because they are working and making differences in peoples’ lives. One of the most rewarding things to witness in this life is when when a drug addict is able to pull himself up and conquer the evils of addiction,” says Stanford.

However, this kind of help will not be unlimited. “Anyone who doesn’t truly want to beat their addictions and turn a corner in their lives will be prosecuted to the extent of the law. They will not be allowed to ‘play the system’ – drug addiction is not a game. Drug addicts don’t hurt only themselves when they use drugs, they steal from and hurt others,” said Stanford.

“I see the role of District Attorney as being more than chief prosecutor of this judicial district,” said Stanford. “I must be an active leader in our community. To do this, I will support our law enforcement. These local heroes are willing to put their lives on the line every time they go to work and they do it to keep us safe. I will be a strong advocate for law enforcement and their safety as your next District Attorney.”

“If elected, I promise to work hard and be honest as I advocate for victims and fight crime in Warren and Van Buren Counties,” said Stanford. “I would be honored to have your support as we all work together to make our communities safe and prosperous for generations to come.”

The Warren County Sports Authority is offering all 2022 candidates (challengers and incumbents) the option of announcing their intentions to run on our website. There is no charge to the candidate, it is free and accessible to all readers. Announcements are in the candidates' own words. The WCSA only provides the platform. Make sure to bookmark our Elections 2022 tab: for more announcements in the future!

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