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Covenant celebrates its seniors

Seniors Savanna Duggin and Anabel Lassiter were honored Friday at Covenant.

It was a special night for two Covenant seniors Friday. Anabel Lassiter and Savanna Duggin were honored at home for all their contributions to the school.

The Lady Lions took on Zion Christian at home, completing a run of four games in five nights. Before the team took the floor, Lassiter and Duggin were joined by family and teammates to share a special night. Hugs and happiness spread through the group as the player’s biggest moments, favorite Bible verses and more were announced.

Coach Chris Madewell was right there to praise his seniors. Both have played an integral part in helping Covenant become a premier program in the TNCAA.

“Anabel and Savanna are always consistent and players I can rely on. They’re going to be at practice and give 100 percent,” said Madewell. “They are consistent on the court and play their position well.”

Their effort was evident in Friday’s match, as were their positive attitude. They couldn’t hide their smiles at the opening of the match, knowing it was going to be a special night they wouldn’t forget.

Madewell is appreciative of their ability to set a good example, even if they aren’t vocal leaders.

“Both of them are quiet, but they show leadership with their effort on the court. They’re not big talkers, but they’re always hustling. They’re on the floor more than anybody - they’re always diving after balls,” said Madewell.

Both seniors also play key roles on the Lady Lion roster, according to Madewell.


On Anabel Lassiter: “She’s been a great setter for us and improved every year. She’s gotten better and better - it’s awesome to watch.”

On Savanna Duggin - “As our libero, she’s been all over the court for us. She’s quick and active. Without her back there with her speed, we’re be in trouble.”


While they were honored on Friday, it won’t be the last home game for the seniors. Covenant is scheduled to take part in the TNCAA tournament next week, with an opening-round matchup with crosstown rival Boyd on the slate.

Covenant enters the TNCAA tournament 7-1 in conference play, though Madewell is hoping his team can reverse a slide after fall break. The Lady Lions lost all four of its matchups this week, suffering from self-inflicted wounds in each game.

For the tournament, coach Madewell wants his team to clean up their miscues so they can reap the benefit of their hard work.

“I want to see us cut out a lot of mistakes. I told them after our last game, ‘we have to be a mature team.’ We hustle and give effort like crazy, but we have to make that effort mean something,” said Madewell. “If we can cut out the little mistakes, we’ll get rewarded for that effort.”

Boyd and Covenant are set to play Thursday night.

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