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Get in your donations for Lift-A-Thon

When Matt Turner sets a goal, he works tirelessly until he reaches it. For the Pioneer Lift-A-Thon, Warren County’s popular coach is going to need the community’s help.

Turner is hoping to raise $25,000 with this weeks’ Lift-A-Thon, which will be held Friday, April 30 at the WCHS indoor facility. It will be open to the public, with hopes those who attend – and even those who can’t – will aid the team with a donation.

“We want to make this a community thing. We’re going to open the doors to people,” said Turner. “This is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year. Some of the programs we compete against can raise $100,000 with an event like this. I’m really proud of how our community is stepping up and joining us.”

Turner estimated the team is close to halfway to its goal with one week of donating left to go. Pioneer faithful can donate right now by clicking the link below and sending money to the football team. Coach Turner is hopeful to make equipment and jersey upgrades, along with all the costs that the team incurs to operate the program.


Warren County technically travels for all of its games each year. Along with the typical travel costs of a road game – and the Pioneers are set to travel to Memphis this fall to take on Ridgeway – the Pioneers also have account for the travel costs of moving equipment to Nunley Stadium for home games.

While fans can make simply make a donation, they also will have a chance to make some purchases this Friday to help the Pioneers. Coach Turner is planning to make some game-worn jerseys available for sell, some that have been out of the rotation in the last few years.

Turner introduced new road jerseys last year – he wants to have a new set (or more) for this fall too.

“Everybody has heard the saying, ‘look good, play good.’ There is some truth in it. I think the guys really got fired up last year when we put on the new road jerseys for the first time,” said Turner.

Along with maxing out on lifts during Friday’s event, Turner is hopeful to conduct it as a pro day. Turner wants to take recruiting profile pictures of his team, which is currently averaging over 50 players a week at workouts, and get all measurements. The Pioneers could also do some laser-timed runs and other agility drills that college coaches traditionally request when evaluating prospects.

The event Friday is scheduled to begin at 5 p.m.

NOTE from WCSA editor-in-chief Jeffery Simmons

The Warren County Sports Authority always wants to do what it can to support Pioneer athletics. For the Lift-A-Thon, the WCSA wants to chip in and help the team raise money for its ultimate goal.

Any person who signs up this week for a yearly subscription, their first month of payment (Five dollars) will be donated to the Pioneers for the Lift-A-Thon. You can sign up for a subscription by going to

Also, for any business that would like to start advertising with the Warren County Sports Authority, we will donate your first week ($20 or more, depending on plan) of payments to the Lift-A-Thon. Contact Jeffery Simmons at or (931) 212-1649 if you would like to get an ad. We can have your business advertising within 24 hours.

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