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'Good, Better, Best' from Memphis

It's much easier to do a Good, Better, Best when the Pioneers get the win.

After two devastating losses to begin the season, the Pioneers bounced back against Ridgeway Friday night, beating them 26-0.

We want to continue the Good, Better, Best on the WCSA and are happy to continue being sponsored by Douglas and Lanier Agency. It's been a lot of fun continuing to bring great coverage of the Pioneers to the people and were glad to be representing the Warren County Sports Authority in Memphis with some crazy, diehard fans.

Before we get into it here's a special shoutout to those nearly 100 people who made the four-hour trip across the state including Penny Shockley and the Pioneerettes. It would have been easy to stay home and rely on our sideline coverage for information but Warren County fans loaded up and made the adventure. Our fans outnumbered Ridgeway's fans at least 10 to 1. Pioneer fans are hardcore!

Good - If plan A doesn’t work, you should always have a plan B. On Friday night, the Pioneers showed that if running doesn’t work, they have the ability to throw the ball as well. The Pioneer running game has multiple options on every play, but opponents can see that and load 11 players in the box if they known the Pioneers won’t throw it. Ridgeway tried that on Friday and got burned in the second half.

Nate Elrod connects on two different deep balls to Alex van Vuuren. The first was an impressive throw and catch where Elrod scrambled and made a late heave to the end zone before getting hit. van Vuuren made a tough catch while fighting a defender off the ball. On the second deep ball, the Pioneers used a play action to get van Vuuren wide open over the middle for a 43 yard touchdown. Warren County is a running team, but the Pioneers showed Friday they can throw the ball if needed.

Better - Shutting out the competition. It makes it a lot easier to win if the other team can’t score on you. The Pioneer defense had their share of moment on Friday night. Alex van Vuuren had his first interception of his career in the first quarter. Isaiah Robledo also got his first interception of his high school career.

Braylon Grayson was also a ball hawk all night for the Pioneers and made some big stops on defense. The Pioneers got back to getting stops and got a win because of it.

Best - WINNING. Simple as that. Warren County was able to get back on their charter bus Friday night for the four hour drive home with a win. Bus rides after losses can be so quiet and somewhat depressing. I wasn’t on that bus, but I can assure you the Pioneers celebrated their win. They watched Remember the Titans, but I think they'll all remember their trips to Memphis a little more.

Thank you to all our readers and followers on social media for the support. It meant a lot to see all your comments about our coverage at the game and I hope you continue to follow us as we start adding writing more and more!

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