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MudBums delivering live music all summer

The TC Bryant Band drew a huge crowd last Saturday at Mud Bums. They'll be back in August.

Sitting in an empty restaurant last summer while dealing with the affects of a COVID shutdown, Mud Bums owner Brett Simmons started making plans. He knew there was going to be a day when people could gather again and he was going to make sure there was somewhere in McMinnville where they could laugh, lounge and listen to live music.

Mud Bums Family Sports Grill has transformed its outdoor seating into one of the premier concerts areas in McMinnville and Simmons has artists lined up all summer.

“I haven’t met anybody yet who doesn’t like the combination of good food, cold drinks and live music,” said Simmons. “It wasn’t hard to put together a series of acts this summer. Everybody wants to be outdoors. We started making some calls and then artists began reaching out to us.

“I think it’s going to be great. We have plenty of area outside or the option to come in if the weather gets bad. We’ve done both and everybody has enjoyed our shows so far.”

The Mud Bums Summer Concert Series kicked off last Saturday as the TC Bryant Band rocked out for four hours on Back to the Strip night. Whether it was some of their own hits or covering classic rock or classic country, Timmy Bryant and his band drew in a huge crowd that loved the tunes.

Simmons estimated over 1,000 people ventured through the business last Saturday, all loving the ability to sit back outside and sip on some drinks while being serenaded by some of the best bands in the Midstate.

The shows will go on through Labor Day.

Mud Bums has already booked bands for every Saturday in May and June, along with shows for July, August and September. Simmons said there are just two weekends where he doesn’t currently have a live act planned, but those dates should fill up quick.

“July 3 is one date we’re really circling right now. We want to make a splash on that night since it’s a Holiday weekend. We’ve had some interest, it’s just getting some things finalized,” said Simmons, who added an outside bar last week to accommodate the growing crowds.

The music should cater to a number of audiences, particularly those who enjoy classic country and classic rock. This Saturday, May 8, the Singin’ Trucker Cecil Shields will be in town to captivate the audience. Other acts this month include: Kyle Elliott (May 15), the Mighty Train Wrecks (May 22) and the Connection (May 29 – Memorial Day Weekend).

“We have a lot of fans of country music around here, but we want to throw in a variety of artists. Cecil has already been a huge hit in the shows he’s done before. When he first called to confirm his show, he said, ‘This is Charley Pride and I’ll be there this Saturday.’ He’s been great,” said Simmons. “Kyle came in last year and he does some originals and takes requests too. Every week should be something different.

“We want to give the community a little bit of everything. We'll showcase local artists and we also have bands coming in that seem to love our area every time they come into town.”

Kyle Elliott’s original, “Sunrise,” was a crowd favorite last fall


In June, Glen Templeton will be making the journey back to Mud Bums. Templeton was one of the first to play locally, performing several years back and making it a point to come back every year since.

Templeton is one of the best at covering Conway Twitty songs, with his website bio stating: "Templeton’s legacy began to unfold when he was hand-picked by the daughters of country music legend Conway Twitty to portray their father in the touring musical tribute to the late icon." Templeton has been featured on CMT and made appearances at the Ryman and Grand Ole Opry. Expect to hear 'Hello Darlin,' 'Slow Hand,' and many more of the tunes by the late, great country star when Templeton takes the stage in town.

Templeton is scheduled to be at Mud Bums Friday, June 4 – one of the few Friday shows on the schedule. June will also see Jay Martin (June 5), Elliott (June 12), the Jack Holland Band (June 19) and Burning Ground (June 26) get up on the trailer at Mud Bums.

Because of the immense popularity of the show, Simmons will be charging for table reservations on concert nights. Shows will traditionally start between 7-8 p.m. (around sundown) and last until 10 p.m. or later. Call Mud Bums at 507-BUMS (2867) to reserve a table.

“We had all of our tables reserved for Timmy last Saturday by noon. If you want a table, make sure to call early,” said Simmons. “We don’t mind if you bring your own chair and have a seat. This is for our community – we want everybody to come have fun.”

July headliners include Taysed and Confused from Sparta on July 17 and everybody’s favorite locals – the Joe Harvey Band – on July 31.

Taysed and Confused loves playing anything – CCR, Black Keys, Chris Stapleton, R&B and their originals


Don’t expect the jams to slow down, even when the weather cools off this fall. Simmons hopes to continue finding live acts throughout the year, even if they have to come inside and play to a smaller audience.

“Last year, we had some people come in and play inside. It’s almost a showcase for the next summer,” said Simmons.

If an artist would like to play at Mud Bums, reach out to Simmons at the restaurant or message the Mud Bums Facebook Page.

(EDITORS NOTE: Mud Bums owner Brett Simmons and WCSA editor-in-chief Jeffery Simmons are brothers. Mud Bums is a paid advertiser on the WCSA website)

Here is a full list of the shows currently scheduled for this summer:

May Lineup

Saturday, May 8 – The Singin’ Trucker Cecil Shields

Saturday, May 15 – Kyle Elliott

Saturday, May 22 – The Mighty Train Wrecks

Saturday, May 29 – The Connection Band

June Lineup

Friday, June 4 – Glen Templeton

Saturday, June 5 – Jay Martin

Saturday, June 12 – Kyle Elliott

Saturday, June 19 – Jack Holland Band

Saturday, June 26 – Burning Ground

The Joe Harvey Band will be at Mud Bums Saturday, July 31

July Lineup

Saturday, July 3 – STAY TUNED!

Saturday, July 10 – Kyle Elliott

Saturday, July 17 – Taysed and Confused

Saturday, July 24 – The Singin’ Trucker Cecil Shields

Saturday, July 31 – The Joe Harvey Band

The TC Bryant Band will be back at Mud Bums Family Sports Grill Aug. 7

August/September Lineup

Saturday, Aug. 7 – TC Bryant Band

Saturday, Aug. 14 – Kyle Elliott

Saturday, Aug. 21 – Shattered

Saturday, Aug. 28 – Stay tuned!

Saturday, Sept. 4 – The Singin’ Trucker Cecil Shields

Saturday, Sept. 11 – Kyle Elliott

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