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Painting the Barn

Issue #10


Normally I take this time to review the past week in sports, but since I took advantage of Fall Break to get a little rest from the camera and more importantly from the computer. My wife and I took a quick trip to the Smoky Mountains and I'm going to share a couple of those photos with you and then I'll take a walk down memory lane and bring back photos from last year's Football game with Coffee County.

This photo is of part of the flume for the mill at Cades Cove. I've always wanted to do a long exposure photo of flowing water, which ideally requires a tripod, but since I was traveling light, I found a nice solid tree to press my camera against to try to get enough stability. This was a 1/2 second exposure, which is an eternity when you consider that my normal sports photos are shot at 1/1,000 of a second.


These two photos are of the Little River near the intersection of Townsend Entrance Rd. and Laurel Creek Rd.


These last two photos are of the Pigeon Forge Wheel at the Island taken just before sunrise with my iPhone 8 (the best camera you have is the one you have with you). Do you see the Jack-O-Lantern in the first photo?


And finally a video of the photo highlights from last year's game with Coffee County, which happened to be Senior Night (Leslie Buchanan - you may need tissues).

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