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Q&A with coach Danny Fish


The Pioneers are gearing up for this basketball season with a new coach at the helm, Danny Fish. Fish coached at Dekalb County High School for the last decade as the girls basketball and softball coach. He has had the summer to get to know his new team and get them ready for the 2022-2023 season.

Before the Pioneers get running this season, the Warren County Sports Authority wanted to hear more from coach Fish. Here is our Q&A with Coach Fish as he gives a sneak peek into his team and the upcoming season!

What can you tell me about your seniors and how they will lead this team?

Coach Fish: “We have a great group of young men and it starts with our seniors. They have taken to our motto of WE>ME and have been open to the change that has taken place over the summer. They have committed to winning off the floor as much as they have been on the floor. I look forward to our journey this season."

The Pioneers just had their first day of practice last Monday, how did that go and what did you see from your team?

Coach Fish: “After our first week of practice, I have been pleased. We have so many competitive players that it makes practice a game-like environment. We try to prepare in practice with game focus and at game speed. I feel that we get the most out of practice if these two things are accomplished.”

What are some things you focused on your first week of practice?

Coach Fish: “We focused on communication and offensive and defensive systems. If we can learn to communicate respectfully, we can all reach goals that we never thought we could. We are still learning the system and hopefully will get better throughout the year.”

You were able to get in a lot of games over the summer, what did you see from that time that you can improve upon? What are some things you liked from summer ball?

Coach Fish: “During the summer, it was a whirlwind. I liked our speed and toughness. Things that we can take away from summer to improve on is to be efficient on both sides of the floor. Sometimes I think players forget that there are more ways to affect a game than just scoring. Each player has a different value and can contribute in different ways. Our hopes that each player can buy into their role and be great at what we are asking them to do.”

Your team will play in the Hall of Champions game on November 19th in Manchester, do you have any other scrimmages or play days before then?

Coach Fish: “Yes, we will play at Upperman on November 10th (Varsity only) and at Stewarts Creek on November 12th (Two Varsity/One JV).”

Note: Warren County fell in its scrimmage 66-50 at Upperman Thursday. The Pioneers have also added a game on Tuesday, November 15th at Walker Valley.

Coach Fish, what are you most excited about as your first season as the WCHS basketball coach?

Coach Fish: “I am very excited to be a part of the Tree City Tradition. I have been to watch many sporting events this fall and the fan base has been great in each of them. My hope is that our team can contribute to that sense of belonging to a community. I am definitely excited to be a part of a tradition that has won a district championship two out of the last three years. Our plans are to be competing our best at tournament time. Everything is the preseason until then. We will never lose - we either win or learn. If we can continue to look at things this way then we will be prepared for a run in the postseason.”

Any other comments about the upcoming season?

Coach Fish: “I would like to thank all the parents and players for their commitment to our team's vision for the future. I would also like to thank the administration and community for welcoming myself and my family to WC. I can guarantee that no one will work harder than our players and staff to bring a shining light down on the blue and red. I look forward to our journey. GO PIONEERS!!”

We look forward to seeing the Pioneers in action this year. We will have plenty of coverage on the Pioneers and Lady Pioneers so stay tuned!

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