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Security Federal Athlete of the Week: April 3-9

Partnering with Security Federal, the Warren County Sports Authority will honor a standout local athlete each week. The WCSA and the Friendliest Bank in Town love seeing great athletic achievement and there are plenty to pick from every week in Warren County. From winter to summer, spring to fall, and on courts, fields, diamonds, dance floors and anywhere else an athlete can succeed, Security Federal and the Sports Authority are going to be on the lookout for the best of the best!

The WCHS boys tennis team

So far this season, no team has been able to keep up with the WCHS boys tennis squad. The Pioneers are 9-0 overall and 5-0 in District 7-AA, with many of their victories coming in dominant fashion.

Last week at home, the Pioneers stomped Sewanee 7-3 and downed DeKalb County 9-1 (Full results below). They've followed it up with district wins over White County (8-1) and Cumberland County (9-0) this week.

Coach David Dunlap has always found a way to make Warren County competitive and this year is no different. Dunlap, who came out of retirement recently to resume coaching the Pioneers, saw Italian transfer student Allesandro Prando win a district title last year, but it's not a been a one-man show for Warren County on the courts this spring.

The roster is deep and diverse, featuring some big hitters, savvy net players, rangy athletes and complimentary teammates. As good as the team has been individually, they're just as good - or better - in doubles.

In their last four matches, the Pioneers are 13-1 in doubles sets. Coach Dunlap has been able to find the right pairings most days, with Wilder Higgins and Colin Riley, Mitchell Caten and Kamrin McLaughlin and Easton West and Luke Winkler serving as the team's go-to doubles squads.

All six pull double duty most days as they're top-notch singles players as well. In the last four matches, Warren County has had two players go unbeaten in their singles and doubles sets. While beating Sewanee, DeKalb County, White County and Cumberland County, Higgins has had an 8-0 run, while Winkler is 7-0.

Ved Patel, Vincent Garrison and Kaden Scott have also been part of victories during the incredible Pioneer run.

Warren County will be looking to make it 10 wins in a row when it takes on Stone Memorial at home Monday. Action will kick off at David Dunlap Tennis Complex at 4 p.m.

April 7 – Warren County def. DeKalb County 9-1


Mitchell Caten def. Ian Paladino, 8-1

Colin Riley def. Isaac Brown, 8-2

Wilder Higgins def. Brett Walker, 8-4

Kamrin McLaughlin def. Seth Cantrell, 9-7

Easton West fell to Dylan Trapp, 6-8

Luke Winkler def. Martin Willingham, 8-2


Caten/McLaughlin def. Paladino/Brown, 8-5

Riley/Higgins def. Walker/Miller, 8-4

West/Winkler def. Trapp/Snipes, 8-3

Ved Patel/Kaden Scott def. Cooper/Vantrease, 9-7

April 12 – Warren County def. White County 8-1


Mitchell Caten fell to Gabriel Wiles, 7-9

Colin Riley def. Max Simmons, 8-2

Wilder Higgins def. Valentin Grorgini, 8-6

Kamrin McLaughlin def. Noah Gately, 8-1

Luke Winkler def. AJ Spedding, 8-0

Ved Patel won by forfeit


Caten/McLaughlin def. Wiles/Simmons, 8-2

Higgins/Riley def. Gately/Grorgini, 8-5

Patel/Vincent Garrison def. Powers/Spedding, 8-6

April 14 – Pioneers defeat Cumberland County 9-0


Mitchell Caten def. Taz Hopkins, 8-1

Colin Riley def. Cedric Brady, 8-1

Wilder Higgins def. Tyler Gibson, 8-0

Kamrin McLaughlin def. Kobe Hedgecoth, 8-1

Easton West won by forfeit

Luke Winkler won by forfeit


Caten/McLaughlin def. Hopkins/Brady, 8-0

Higgins/Riley def. Gibson/Hedgcoth, 8-0

West/Winkler won by forfeit

Pioneers record: 9-0

District record: 5-0

Next match: vs. Stone Memorial on Monday, April 18 (4 p.m.)

April 7 – Lady Pioneers def. DeKalb County, 10-3


Elena Rowland fell to Summer Morse, 1-8

Rachel Jackson def. Charlotte Paladino, 8-6

Caroline Stewart def. Brynn Harvey, 8-1

Susanna Netherton def. Cadee Griffith, 8-2

London Caten def. Ellie Webb, 8-3

Elizabeth Templos def. Marissa Clark, 8-2

Tor Davis fell to Raven Savage, 2-8

Britney Templos def. Sylvia Evans, 8-2


Rowland/Jackson fell to Morse/Colwell, 6-8

Stewart/Netherton def. Barton/Paladino, 8-5

Caten/E. Templos def. Wood/Redmon, 8-3

Emma Dillon/Tor Davis def. Savage/Evans, 6-0

B. Templos/Bethany Maniero def. Trejo/Miller, 6-0

April 12 – Lady Pioneers def. White County 7-2


Elena Rowland fell to Nia Powers, 8-0

Rachel Jackson def. Kate Frasier, 8-4

Caroline Stewart def. Marian Swindell, 8-4

Susanna Netherton def. Brianna Stone, 8-0

London Caten def. Lilly Colwell, 8-4

Elizabeth Templos won by forfeit


Rowland/Jackson fell to Powers/Frasier, 8-4

Stewart/Netherton def. Swindell/Stone, 8-0

Adeline Randall/Emma Dillon def. Colwell/Swindell, 8-6

April 14 – Lady Pioneers def. Cumberland County, 8-1


Elena Rowland def. Sophie Turner, 8-4

Rachel Jackson def. Anna Davidson, 8-0

Caroline Stewart def. Stephanie Turner, 9-7

Susanna Netherton def. Winnie Kapp, 8-2

London Caten fell to Cheyenne Emory, 5-8

Elizabeth Templos def. Bella Cross, 8-0


Rowland/Jackson def. Turner/Davidson, 9-8 (3)

Stewart/Netherton def. Kapp/Turner, 8-1

Caten/Templos def. Emory/Cross, 8-4

Overall Record: 6-2

District Record: 4-1

Next match: vs. Stone Memorial on Monday, April 18 (4 p.m.)

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