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Security Federal Athlete of the Week: Aug. 1-6

Partnering with Security Federal, the Warren County Sports Authority will honor a standout local athlete each week. The WCSA and the Friendliest Bank in Town love seeing great athletic achievement and there are plenty to pick from every week in Warren County. From winter to summer, spring to fall, and on courts, fields, diamonds, dance floors and anywhere else an athlete can succeed, Security Federal and the Sports Authority are going to be on the lookout for the best of the best!

Note: Photo of Lex Winfree is provided by GEM Photography. You can see more of their pictures from the WCMS-Franklin North game by clicking this link.

Lex Winfree, WCMS RB and DT

Ben Matheney better be in search for the rest of the Avengers on his WCMS roster. He already has his Incredible Hulk.

Lex Winfree was an absolute force in last week’s 34-0 demolition of Franklin North. He was the biggest and fastest player on the field, deciding to either truck defenders or run right by them as he amassed 113 yards on just five carries – two of which went for TDs.

It’s hard to pick which scoring run was more impressive. His first, a 21-yarder in the opening quarter, saw him shake off two defenders at the line of scrimmage before he hit high gear and shrugged off a safety on his way to pay dirt. On the second TD – a 58-yard gallop – Winfree went untouched, but it was only because he outran the angles two Gators had on him in the secondary before dusting them in the final 30 yards.

Coach Matheney spoke highly of Winfree in the preseason, noting how he had started to tap into the potential they saw last year when he was a burly seventh-grader who was only held back by ball-security issues. Now a chiseled eighth-grader who would gladly dare defenders to try to take the ball from him, Winfree is a weapon that WCMS opponents will have to deal with all year.

Winfree's first touchdown run at Franklin North.

Winfree's second touchdown run at Franklin North.


Maybe even more incredible than his offensive showing last week was Winfree’s ability to take over the game on defense. He was a wrecking machine in the middle of the line, spearheading an effort where Warren County dropped Franklin North for loss on 18 of its 22 plays.

Winfree had, at least, six tackles for loss on his own, including basically bodyslamming two Gator runners just before halftime when Franklin North needed to throw in the white flag and head to the locker rooms. He also forced a fumble and tracked down the quarterback on the few times the Gators even thought about passing.

The Pioneers will be hoping for an encore when the team takes on Jasper this Thursday at Nunley Stadium. The visiting Warriors may be advised to not agitate Winfree -- they won’t like him if he gets angry.

Note: Photo of Lex Winfree was provided by GEM Photography. You can see more of their pictures from the WCMS-Franklin North game by clicking this link.

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