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Security Federal Tennis Tournament

The Security Federal tennis tournament was held over the weekend at Milner Recreation Center. Over 60 players flocked to the David Dunlap tennis complex to battle for titles in a variety of divisions. The winners are seen below:

Ladies B Doubles, from left, Susan Barrett and Leigh Ann Stewart (First place), and Carlene Brown and Christy Gilliam (second place).

Susan Barrett and Leigh Ann Stewart show off their medals from the victory!

Men's A Singles: Martin Drabina (left, second) and winner Charley Myers.

Girls C Singles: Abigail Netherton (Left, first place) and second place Swara Kyatham.

Ladies B singles: Macie (left, second place) and winner Katie Lawrence.

Men's B Doubles: from left, Krish Patel and Jaden Talley (first place) and David Dunlap and David Maechler (second place).

Men's B singles: Carter Monks (second place) and Coleman Bain (winner).

Mixed A Doubles: From left, Georgia Marsile and Jeff Gaines (second) and winners Keyonna Kim and Tyler Tolhurst.

Mixed B Doubles: from left, David Dunlap and Jamie Wynn (winners) and second place Brittany Lin and Antwan Lentz.

Mixed C Doubles: from left, Mike and Susanna Netherton (winners) and Caleb Lewis and Abigail Netherton (second place).

Boys 12 Singles: Daul Baek (winner) and second place Sautes Kyatham.

Men's A doubles: from left, Seth Grissom and Jake Hunt (second) and Charley Myers and RJ Pierce (winners).

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