Simmons Says - Lot of sports right now

We’re in sports overload right now.

It seems every day brings big breaking news, all of which we’ve had covered first at Warren County Sports Authority. I’ve come to the realization it will be impossible to write a column about everything, so I want to hit on some of the highlights on this rare day of no local games.

Taylor’s offers

The WCSA was the first to have the story out Monday about CJ Taylor getting an offer from Mississippi State (and Tennessee Tech and Eastern Kentucky last week for that matter). It was gigantic news, something I knew was in the works as early as last Wednesday.

The Mississippi State coaching staff liked what it saw against DeKalb County and Taylor did nothing to disappoint against Cannon County. The defensive menace forced two fumbles and recovered two caroms, continuing his explosive early start to the season.

Other offers are sure to come (some are in the works right now). It is only going to help raise the profile of Pioneer football, which will now have two players in the last five years sign with Power 5 (and more likely, SEC) schools. I’ll have to do some digging to find the last time Warren County had two players playing in the SEC, which is likely going to be the case next fall if Taylor signs in the South. He would be joining current Volunteer K’rojhn Calbert.

It could also help some other Pioneer seniors get more offers. Currently, Kason Holder has two college offers (with at least one more expected soon). Kaden Jordan - a Blue-Grey All-American invite – and Douglas Wells would love chances to move to the next level and continue battling in the trenches. Clay Thompson, who caught two TDs that were wiped off the board last week, should get some looks as well.

Don’t rule out the Pioneers having close to double-digit signees from this senior class. If they want to keep playing, a lot of these seniors can find homes on college campuses next fall.

City shuts down basketball, soccer

We’re going to have much more on this issue in the coming days, but Wednesday’s announcement from McMinnville Parks and Recreation felt like a true stunner. If anything, it seemed like a premature call to shut down basketball (which wouldn’t be starting for at least a couple more months).

When the call was made, the research started. Manchester’s Park and Recreation Facebook page has been advertising soccer signups for over two weeks. It seems like our neighbors will at least be playing soccer.

I called one of the organizers of Sparta’s basketball league and they are hopeful they will be able to play this season. They said they aren’t in a rush to make a decision – their signups usually don’t begin until late October anyway.

It seemed like a reasonable decision to wait, so why did our town rush?

Sparta’s league isn’t run by the city, so that probably has something to do with it. Maybe this is the opportunity some local venues needed to start their own leagues (Covenant has done it in the past and the Little Pioneer League has been growing the last 4-5 years).

Forgetting about the NBA

My loyal readers know how much of a fan I am of the NBA. It’s easily my favorite professional sport – the Spurs and Vols are 1A and 1B when it comes to my favorite teams.

I have to be honest though, I kind of forgot the NBA was still playing over the last two weeks.

Before anybody jumps to conclusions as to why, I can explain. For the first time since 1997, the Spurs aren’t in the playoffs and for the first time ever, I’m a business owner.

Take my team out of play and put the responsibility of running an entire business on my shoulders and I’m going to forget things. At this point, it’s been the NBA.

Also – special shout out to DirecTV, which decided to lock me out of NBA League Pass despite the fact I had paid for full access to all games in October-February ($39.99 for five months). When I finally got access back, I was able to watch the last two Spurs games of the year (and was subsequently charged another $29.99 for it).

If you are a salesman of cable TV packages, hit me up! I’m back on the market.

More college, pro coverage

I have heard our readers. I’m doing all I can to work in more MLB – and Braves – coverage as we near the postseason. When I’ve had a break from local games, I have been watching the Braves a lot. It’s a fun team – one which will undoubtedly break its fans hearts in the postseason again.

As we get more settled in with the website, we’re going to add even more content. We had over 130 posts in August and we have more potential contributors reaching out who want to write about college football betting and NFL for us. We’re just getting started here at the Warren County Sports Authority.

Message board has great info

Finally, I want to encourage everybody who is reading our stuff to check out the message board. In the previous two weeks, we have posted some great, last-minute news before kickoff. It’s stuff you’re not getting anywhere else.

All you have to do to see – and post on – the message board is sign up to be a member. Of course we would encourage you to take the next step and become a subscriber as well to get all our great news!

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