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Simmons Says - WCSA update

It’s time to crack the knuckles, turn on my YouTube Supermix (headlined with “Your Love,” by The Outfield), take a deep breath and get back to writing.

As our fans at the Warren County Sports Authority have noticed this week, we’ve been rather dormant on the website. The same can’t be said for our Facebook and Twitter pages, which have again been giving you the latest updates on region games (Pioneer baseball and soccer both were eliminated this week), college signings (congrats Aiden Cummings and Kataen Shockley) and other sports news. I’d recommend that anybody who subscribes to the WCSA website also follow us on Facebook and Twitter – I do the majority of the writing, but our team of people are constantly updating our social media with pictures, videos and information too.

I won’t go into specifics about this week and why we’ve been a little slower on posting, just know all is well and we’ll be getting back to the regularly scheduled programming in short order. A lot of our downtime right now has been used to contemplate what the website – and the WCSA – is going to look like in the future. Needless to say, I’d like to make this bigger and better by the time we get into the 2021-22 school year.

I’m planning on using next week to pursue advertising partners for the website. It’s been great to have so many people reach out over the first eight months – we’ve yet to have to call on people to get involved, they came to us. Right now is the first time I’ve actually had the time to get out to people who have already reached out and also go touch base with others who we haven’t yet brought on as partners.

It’s my hope that I can get to 20-30 businesses next week, all who have expressed an interest in advertising over the last few months. If you’re not one of those businesses, but you do want to be, just hit me up at and let’s have a conversation. As well as being the best sports coverage in Warren County, I dare say we’re the best priced too when it comes to helping push your products.

Anyways, getting back to sports – I’ll be reassembling the website over the coming weeks to make it better. There are things I’d like to revisit, particularly the chat forum that I thought Warren County fans would love, and I think I’ll have more time to work on that in the next two months. We already reshaped our college/pro page to accommodate the features we have done on our college athletes – and it’s only going to grow as I dive back in with those in the coming weeks.

I’ve had a lot of people request a list of all the athletes from Warren County who have played college (or pro) sports in the past. That’s a massive undertaking and would take a lot of public help. I’m game for it though – I’ve already spoken with some coaches and program historians, so I think it’s something we could adapt and list on the website (perhaps with bios).

At some point, I’d like to also have bios up for every current member of the Warren County Sports Hall of Fame. I’ve written many in the past, although those are now tied up in archives that I can’t reprint. No worries – it’s always fun retracing the history of Warren County sports and have it told by those who have achieved or witnessed greatness.

I’ll be working closely with the WC Sports Hall of Fame to get that accomplished, along with helping introduce the newest inductees this summer.

Check out the podcast where I go in deeper on spring sports and summer coverage


If you’re asking, “what does that mean for local coverage?” then let me say this, I’ll be at the ballfields soon. I’ve always made the effort to showcase Midway, Morrison and Centertown – along with the city leagues – in the past. I won’t stop now that I’m out on my own.

I’ve had a couple different ideas on how to go forward with that coverage. One thought was to let fans nominate a “Game of the Day” each morning on our social media sites and then go cover it that night. I know how fiercely loyal our fans are to their community leagues (and how competitive the games are everywhere). I want to go where the action is – and I know there are people in town who will help let me know when the big showdowns are coming up.

Look for us to be at games after Memorial Day (Monday, May 31) and keep reporting throughout the summer. We’ll be at the pool too to see how our McMinnville Swim Team is performing as well.

There are still stories to be told about school teams, especially our track programs. We’ll be on top of those details next weeks. Make sure you’re checking in as well to see who makes the WCMS and WCHS school teams – the latest tryout details are here.

RACERS!! I’m ready to tell your stories. Bikes, Karts, Cars, Boats --- let’s hear it. I know we have several impressive drivers locally – and I’ve already been contacted about a few. I want to start featuring racers weekly and come out and see some races on the weekends. I know my college roommate Trea Miller is out there flying around the track, but surely there are some people even faster.

I want to know who you are and let Warren County know too!

It never hurts to deliver a State of the Union about what is going on. I hope this lets people know what to expect from the Warren County Sports Authority this summer.

We’re just getting started!

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