WCMS, WCHS tennis net wins

Netting victories haven’t been hard for the WCMS and WCHS tennis teams this season. The WCMS Lady Pioneers stayed unbeaten with three victories last week, while both the high school programs picked up wins as they look to build momentum for the team district tournament coming Monday in Cookeville.

Coach David Dunlap has seemingly always had the magic touch with teams in Warren County and he’s got something cooking with the WCMS Lady Pioneers. The group is 7-0 after wins over Coffee County, Lewisburg and Shelbyville this week.

It’s a Graves-powered squad as Abby, Ashlynn and Anna Graves are all playing excellent tennis for the young Lady Pioneers. The family of budding tennis stars helped Warren County power past Coffee County last week, with each winning their singles sets. Abby Graves was also a double winner, teaming with Kelsi Caten to help finish off a 6-3 team victory over their CTC foe.

Addison Steakley, Natalie Payne, Miya Rowland and Izzy Pitts were also winners throughout the week to keep the WCMS girls undefeated this season. Pitts was particularly impressive, going 3-0 in her singles matches.

At the next level, the Pioneers tasted defeat for the first time last week at Cookeville, but bounced back to beat White County. Warren County also picked up a forfeit win over Stone Memorial, with the Panthers not fielding a team to face the Pioneers.

The Cavaliers stopped Warren County’s eight-game winning streak to start the season Tuesday, defending their home turf with an 8-1 victory. Ved Patel was the lone Pioneer to find success in Cookeville, winning his singles set 8-4.

Warren County took out its frustration on Sparta Thursday, winning 8-of-9 sets on the road. The Pioneers swept the singles sets, getting victories from Collin Riley (8-6), Wilder Higgins (8-4), Kamrin McLaughlin (8-3), Easton West (8-3), Luke Winkler (8-0) and Patel (forfeit).

In doubles, Riley and Wiggins and West and Winkler each battled to hard-fought 9-7 victories.

The boys will try to continue their winning ways Monday at 3:30 p.m. when they play in the team finals against Cookeville.

The WCHS Lady Pioneers were also winners in Sparta Thursday, downing the Warriorettes 6-3. Winning for Warren County in singles were: Caroline Stewart (8-5), Susanna Netherton (9-8, 5), London Caten (8-2), Elizabeth Templos (8-0) and Emma Dillon (forfeit).

Stewart and Netherton added a doubles win, 8-2, to seal the deal for Warren County.

See full results from the week below.

WCHS girls beat White County, 6-3

District record: 4-2

Overall record: 7-4


Rachel Jackson lost to Nia Powers, 8-4

Caroline Stewart def. Kate Frasier, 8-5

Susanna Netherton def. Marion Swindell, 9-8 (7)

London Caten def. Lilly Colwell, 8-2

Elizabeth Templos def. Brianna Stone, 8-0

Emma Dillon won by forfeit


Caten/Jackson lost to Powers/Frasier, 8-6

Stewart/Netherton def. Colwell/Stone, 8-2

Dillon/Davis lost to Frasier/Swindell, 8-1

WCHS girls lose to Stone Memorial, 8-1


Elena Rowland lost to Rachel Houston, 8-0

London Caten lost to Carrie Houston, 8-2

Rachel Jackson lost to Tina Tung, 8-2

Susanna Netherton lost to Isabella Aikers, 8-4

Caroline Stewart def. Phoebe Smith, 8-2

Elizabeth Templos lost to Courtney Calhoun, 8-2


Rowland/Jackson lost to Houston/Tung, 8-0

Caten/Netherton lost to Houston/Aikers, 8-1

Stewart/Templos lost to Smith/Calhoun, 8-3

WCHS girls lose to Cookeville, 7-2


Rachel Jackson lost to Scotie Stroud, 8-0

Caroline Stewart lost to Sarah Williams, 8-2

Susanna Netherton lost to Sarah Ramsey, 8-2

London Caten lost to Soul Baek, 8-4

Elizabeth Templos def. Amelia Rudd, 8-3

Emma Dillon def. AJ Ogilvie, 8-3


Caten/Jackson lost to Williams/Stroud, 8-2

Stewart/Netherton lost to Rohr/Moore, 8-0

Eillon/Templos lost to Baek/Williams, 8-0

WCHS Pioneers def. White County, 8-1

Overall record: 10-1

District record: 5-1


Colin Riley def. Gabriel Wiles, 8-6

Wilder Higgins def. Max Simmons, 8-4

Kamrin McLaughlin def. Valentine Giorgini, 8-3

Easton West def. Noah Gately, 8-3

Luke Winkler def. AJ Spedding, 8-0

Ved Patel won by forfeit


Higgins/Riley def. Simmons/Wiles, 9-7

Patel/McLaughlin lost to Giorgini/Gately, 8-6

West/Winkler def. Spedding/Mia, 9-7

WCHS Pioneers lost to Cookeville, 8-1


Colin Riley lost to Jackson Franks, 8-1

Wilder Higgins lost to Will Silberman, 8-0

Kamrin McLaughlin lost to Jack McReynolds, 8-1

Easton West lost to Cade Smith, 8-0

Luke Winkler lost to Camryn Birdwell, 8-3

Ved Patel def. Trey Briggs, 8-4


Higgins/Riley lost to Rohr/Langford, 8-1

Winkler/McLaughlin lost to Franks/Silberman, 8-0

Patel/Kaden Scott lost to Wheeler/Patel, 8-1

WCMS girls beat Coffee County, 6-3

Overall record: 7-0


Abby Graves def. Isabella Saner, 6-2

Miya Rowland lost to Payton Edbert, 6-2

Addison Steakley def. Mallory Pack, 6-2

Ashlynn Graves def. Sandra Pedroza, 6-2

Izzy Pitts def. Sarah Bosco, 6-0

Anna Graves def. Evelyn Hernandez, 6-0


Alyssa Parsley/Natalie Payne lost 6-1

Ella Kesey/Clara Collier lost 6-0

Kelsi Caten/Abby Graves won 6-3

WCMS girls beat Shelbyville (5-3) and Lewisburg (8-0)

Winners vs. Shelbyville: Ashlynn Graves 5-2, Izzy Pitts 5-0, Anna Graves 5-0, Alyssa Parsley 5-2, Natalie Payne 5-2

Winners vs. Lewisburg: Abby Graves 5-2, Miya Rowland 5-4, Addison Steakley 5-2, Ashlynn Graves 5-0, Izzy Pitts 5-0, Anna Graves 5-0, Alyssa Parsley 5-0, Natalie Payne 5-0

WCMS boys lost to Coffee County, 6-3

Overall record: 1-6


Campbell Sutton lost to Patrick Brown, 6-0

Bryan Smith lost to Brody Goodwin, 6-1

Britton Mayfield lost to Christian Galindo, 6-2

Mordecai Haddock def. Sabastian Winchell, 7-6 (4)

Sutton Martin def. Chevy Watts, 6-2

Sabastian Campos lost to Rafael Ganidarilla, 6-0


Mayfield/Martin lost 6-0

Martin/Mayfield lost 6-2

Powers/Hatanaka won 6-4

WCMS boys lost to Shelbyville (7-1) and Lewisburg (5-0)

Winner: Bryan Smith won 5-1 against Shelbyville

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