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WCSA All-County Boys team

Warren County Sports Authority editor-in-chief Jeffery Simmons has been covering local elementary basketball for the last decade. Over the years, he started selecting an all-county team. We're happy to continue the tradition on the WCSA! These are selections made by Simmons - all quotes from coaches came from direct questions about the recognized player. Enjoy!


It doesn't matter which direction you head in Warren County on a weekday night. Odds are, if you stop by a gym, you're going to be treated to an amazing atmosphere. The rivalries built between county basketball programs, all battling for local supremacy and championships, are unlike any other. I love championship season in elementary basketball - It's guaranteed to entertain.

My favorite part of the season, even one like this one that dealt with snow and sickness delays, is watching which players emerge on the hardwood. Inevitably, the cream of the crop rise - and their teams usually rise in the standings as well. For the boys, it took until the last night of the regular season to determine a champion - and it came in a doubleheader! It's wild in Warren County.

Before I break down my selections in three teams, I just want to give some idea into my selection process. The majority of it is the eye test, just remembering the players who immediately stood out when I walked into the gym. Usually after a quarter, you know when you're watching a major talent.

I also keep meticulous stats - I bug coaches daily to make sure I get all the books and I have a spreadsheet that tracks the league's top scorers (the final top 10 list will be published with the brackets and final standings). Someday, maybe we'll get Hudl for every school and we'll all have more access to more stats than just points, but right now, it's still a pretty good signifier of the top players.

As far as construction, I like build a lineup that I feel could be on the court together. Some years I may cheat and go with four guards or load up on posts, but usually like like the 2/3 or 3/2 format. This year, I thought the guard play on the boys side stood out, but there were some great forwards and stout big men as well.

Lastly, I try to factor in team success, impact on the team on both ends (have to give it up for good defenders), standout skills (like some emerging sharpshooters) and passion/excitement for the game. There are some players who are just natural performers and feed off the crowd - it's what makes elementary basketball so special!

(Quick shoutout to Christian Munoz, who didn't make my list, but may be one of the most exciting players to watch. I saw video of his buzzer beater Tuesday for Eastside - his reaction was priceless!).

Pure joy from Christian Munoz!

Also, I wanted to give a quick shoutout to all the elementary coaches this year. It's just a good group of leaders who all genuinely care about their schools and kids. They all have a love of the game and love for county basketball. I got a good laugh talking with Centertown coach Brady Cantrell as we discussed some of the standouts in the county and he said, about the thought of an all-county lineup, "I'd hate to play that team."

I don't know if he was talking about actually suiting up against them or just coaching against them, but what had me laughing was the thought of playing against some of these kids. When I first started covering sports in 2010, I could've laced up my high top Tim Duncans and dominated the 7-8 grade league (and, at the time, I thought I could coach any team to a title too). Nowadays, I wouldn't want to tangle with any of these kids and I sure don't want to match wits with these guys on the sidelines.

OK, let's jump into the Warren County Sports Authority All-County boys basketball teams!

First Team Guard - Isaiah Robledo, Morrison

A great combo guard with a flair for the dramatics, Isaiah Robledo is equal parts feared and respected by opponents in the 7-8 grade elementary league. He may be the best athlete in the entire league, capable of outrunning his fellow guards and soaring to heights that posts usually occupy.

Robledo is the engine of Morrison's attack and a big reason the Eagles finished the regular season 10-0. He can take over games with his scoring - including dropping 23 points on Irving College Jan. 25 - or pick teams apart with his passing and in-your-face defense.

Robledo finished this season third in the league in scoring, averaging 11.7 points per game. He'll be in action again Tuesday when Morrison starts its quest for a 3-Point tournament championship at Charlie Dalton Gym.

Morrison coach Chris Roberson: "It’s quiet leadership. Isaiah is not the kind of person to get up in your face, but whenever he goes and does something, the rest of the team follows along. It’s been huge for us. As Isaiah goes, so does the team. They feed off of what he’s doing."

Irving College coach John Bryan O'Connor: "Cool. Calm. Collected. We tried to deny him the ball and he found ways to still do damage. He's a strong kid who attacks the rim really well and shoots lights out at the free-throw line if you foul him."

First Team Guard - Corban Felton, Irving College

If you could pick only one player in the county to get a bucket, Corban Felton may be the pick. Irving College's longtime point guard is a wizard with the ball, possesses range out to the NBA level and a lightning-quick first step and can finish over giants in the paint with an array of floaters.

While his scoring was the fuel behind a 6-4 run by the Tigers, good for third in the league, his defense was just as good. Felton was a key to Irving College being able to apply pressure for 94 feet - leading a press that wreaked havoc and gifted the Tigers handfuls of easy layups.

Felton claimed the scoring title in elementary ball this year, finishing at 14 points per game. His season-best night came in a 20-point effort against Eastside Jan. 10.

Felton and the Tigers are scheduled to take on Boyd in the opening round of the 3-Point Club postseason tournament Saturday at 3 p.m.

Irving College coach John Bryan O'Connor: "Corban has really improved our the last two years I've coached him. This year, he has really started shooting the ball well. His on-ball defense has won us games at times. His basketball IQ continues to improve day-by-day and his ability to get to the lane and find the open man makes us a better basketball team."

Dibrell coach Dustin Curtis: "I love the swagger Corban plays with and, over the last few years, I've really noticed his game develop. He went from a shooter - he can still flick it - and became a more all-around playmaker for his team. If you don't game plan for him, he'll light you up."

First Team Guard - Kristopher Robledo, Morrison

He may be the younger, and slightly smaller, Robledo brother, but Kristopher Robledo has a loud game that isn't overshadowed by anybody. Morrison's seventh grade guard (Yep coaches, he'll be back next year to haunt your dreams) is a blur going end-to-end in the Eagle attack and can play lockdown defense.

Kristopher packs a punch offensively as well, evidenced by 18- and 19-point outings within a week back in December when Morrison was just starting on its path toward an unbeaten regular season. A daring driver capable of finishing on either side, Kristopher showed he had range this year too.

Adding a long ball helped Kristopher finish the season as the league's No. 2 scorer at 11.8 points per game, edging his brother Isaiah by just one point over 10 games.

Morrison coach Chris Roberson: "Kristopher brings intensity – relentless, persistent intensity. It’s on defense, especially on the press, and offensively, he’s looking for people. When he gets steals, he’s always looking for somebody close to the basket. He hustles and fights for everything he gets, offensively and defensively."

Boyd coach Kevin Rhoton: "I've been impressed with Kristopher since the first time I saw him play. He's always a threat to score and he plays outstanding defense, but the way he sees the floor, gets his teammates involved and understands the game at such a young age sets him apart. He's a very mature, unselfish player and he makes the people around him better. I look forward to watching him play for many more years."

First Team Forward - Brayden Snider, Irving College

After a brief hiatus from county basketball, Brayden Snider returned with a vengeance this year, playing his best ball in the paint for the Tigers. Snider wasn't with the team last year, but he's not missed a beat as his hardwood skills were intact when he got back in the starting lineup this season.

Snider's size is difficult for most teams to defend - he had double figures in five games, including a season-best 17 points against Eastside in a win back in December. He's not just limited to the post though. Snider is capable of stepping out and hitting triples, something his coach gave him a green light to do as the season progressed.

Snider's 11.33 points per game was the fourth-best average in the league this season.

Irving College coach John Bryan O'Connor: "Brayden has all the tools to be the best post player in the county. He can shoot it from deep, drive it in the lane and finish around the rim. He's been a game changer for us as far as guarding the other's team best post presence and doing damage on the offensive end. (You) Can't coach size and he's got it."

Eastside coach Kyle Cannon: "Brayden is big and strong and has learned how to use his size to his advantage. He has done a good job developing his post moves, which makes him hard to guard down low. He also plays good defense, making it hard for opposing teams to get easy paint buckets."

First Team Center - Chance Whitlock, Dibrell

People may have to start calling Chance Whitlock may 'The Sheriff.' He was the long arm(s) of the law guiding Dibrell's defense all year.

Blessed with great size - he's easily 6-foot-4 (and, hopefully, still growing) - and agility, Whitlock is a nightmare for opponents who try to get to the rim against the Wildcats. Chance could fill up an entire highlight reel of volleyball spikes this season, erasing shots and igniting Dibrell in transition. He also uses his size and impressive leaping (He's been seen dunking in practice this year), to clean the boards as well.

He's not just a human eraser though - Whitlock can score as well. Dibrell's star center finished the season fifth in scoring, averaging 10.8 points per game. He'll be looking to set a new season high (currently 20 points scored against Centertown in December) when Dibrell gets started in the 3-Point Club Tournament Tuesday, Feb. 8 at Charlie Dalton Gym.

Dibrell coach Dustin Curtis: "He just loves the game. His presence, his size, his ability – his upside is through the roof. I can’t wait to see him progress, grow and get stronger. I’m sure the high school coaches can work with him on that and get him stronger.

He’s a good basketball player, but the thing I love about Chance is he’s just a good kid. He’s active in archery – he wins shootouts for the school. He also just won the spelling bee at Dibrell and went to compete in the district. He’s just an all-around good kid."

Morrison coach Chris Roberson: "Because of his size and what we like to do, Chance presents a challenge with how he clogs up the middle. His height, his reach – he poses a challenge and makes everybody work. We try to drive to the basket, but he makes it a longer path to get to where we want to go."


Second Team Guard: Lee-Allen Esparza, Dibrell

A whirling dervish with good touch and solid vision, Lee-Allen Esparza has been great leading Dibrell's offense this year. He came into the season on a high note - earning MVP honors in the preseason Morrison Ruritan tournament. Esparza finished seventh in scoring this year (7.4 ppg) and had a season-high 14 points against Irving College in a pivotal win Jan. 24 at home.

Second Team Guard: Bradan Haggins, Morrison

He may not get the points or the headlines of his backcourt mates, but Morrison wouldn't have a 10-game winning streak or be entering the elementary postseason tournament as the No. 1 seed without Bradan Haggins. He is a fixture in the team's press, hounding opponents and roaming as an elite pocket picker for the Eagles. Haggins has added a scoring punch of late, scoring in double figures three of the last six games to finish 10th in scoring (7.0 ppg).

Second Team Forward: Braxton Gibbs, Morrison

A sniper from deep who has an emerging all-around game, Braxton Gibbs rounds out Morrison's potent offensive attack. The lanky forward has found his stroke down the stretch of the season, knocking in triples at a high clip (seven 3-pointers in the team's last four games).

Gibbs has also flashed as a rangy defender on the back line of Morrison's defense and a banger who doesn't mind battling for rebounds. Gibbs was just two points shy of cracking the league's top 10 scorers in the 2021-22 season.

Second Team Forward: Syler Simmons, Dibrell

When the Wildcats have a problem that needs to be solved, usually the simplest answer is call on Syler Simmons to get the job done. Need a 3-pointer? Get Simmons open in the corner. Have to beat the press? Simmons can handle in space. Is an opponent going off? Send Simmons to try to blanket them.

Dibrell's forward may not be a big scorer or flash nightly, but he's an important glue guy as Dibrell finished the regular season 8-2.

Second Team Center: Lex Winfree, Eastside

Eastside has the next great county big man emerging. Lex Winfree is a hoss for the Bulldogs, a brute who relishes going up against other big men and battling in the paint. Winfree, one of the few seventh graders to make the WCSA All-County team, is already a good rebounder and sneaky shot blocker in the middle for the Bulldogs.

He can score too - Winfree ranked sixth in the league at 8.6 points per game, including a pair of 14-point performances (against Morrison and Centertown).


WCSA Third Team All-County Boys

G - Donnivin Johnson, Eastside

G - Lealon Arnold, Centertown

F - Kobe Brand, Dibrell

F - Jack Rhoton, Boyd

C - Wesley Clendenon, Irving College


Special thanks to Painted Barn Media and great photographer Geoff Griffin for his help in getting great action shots of our elementary basketball teams from this season. If you think one of the pictures above looks awesome, I guarantee Geoff took it (and if you don't like it - it was probably a Jeff Simmons special). I urge everybody to go check out his photo galleries and support his business by purchasing your favorites!

Dibrell school gallery:

Eastside school gallery:

Irving College school gallery:

Morrison at Centertown gallery:

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