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WCSA makes Week 6 picks

Trevor Evans must be paying close attention in his time around Editor-in-Chief Jeffery Simmons. Evans made the move to the top, jumping from fifth to first with an 8-2 record last week. Evans was one of the many WCSA staffers who correctly picked the Pioneers to go to Murfreesboro and upset Blackman.

"Snowing on Christmas" has become a common phrase between WCSA staffers after Geoff Griffin's explanation for picking Blackman. He wanted the Pioneers to win - just like he's wanted snow on Christmas - but it just hasn't happened much in the past. After Friday's program-defining win, maybe Griffin can look forward to some snow on Christmas this year too!

As for our new pickers, Reed Tucker Garrison had the most impressive debut. Garrison went 12-3, giving him the best winning percentage of the 10 WCSA pickers. Garrison, Ty Martin, Easton Adcock and Ansley Mullican will again be picking five extra games this week as they look to catch up and make it on the leaderboard.

Here are the current standings:

1. Trevor Evans: 26-9 (8-2 last week)

2. Jeffery Simmons 25-10 (5-5)

Daniel Tidwell 25-10 (6-4)

Geoff Griffin 25-10 (6-4)

5. Carter Mansfield 23-12 (4-6)

6. Cody Robinson: 21-14 (5-5)


Ansley Mullican: 18-12 (9-6)

Reed Garrison 12-3

Ty Martin 11-4

Easton Adcock 11-4

Titans at Vikings

Evans: Vikings

Simmons: Titans

Tidwell: Titans

Griffin: Titans

Mansfield: Titans

Robinson: Titans

Mullican: Titans Garrison: Titans

Martin: Titans

Adcock: Titans

Packers at Saints

Evans: Packers

Simmons: Saints

Tidwell: Packers

Griffin: Packers

Mansfield: Packers

Robinson: Packers

Mullican: Packers Garrison: Packers

Martin: Packers

Adcock: Packers

Chiefs at Ravens

Evans: Chiefs

Simmons: Ravens

Tidwell: Ravens

Griffin: Ravens

Mansfield: Chiefs

Robinson: Ravens

Mullican: Ravens Garrison: Chiefs

Martin: Ravens

Adcock: Chiefs

Kentucky at Auburn

Evans: Auburn

Simmons: Auburn

Tidwell: Auburn

Griffin: Auburn

Mansfield: Kentucky

Robinson: Auburn

Mullican: Auburn Garrison: Auburn

Martin: Auburn

Adcock: Auburn

Tennessee at South Carolina

Evans: Tennessee

Simmons: Tennessee

Tidwell: Tennessee

Griffin: Tennessee

Mansfield: South Carolina

Robinson: Tennessee

Mullican: Tennessee Garrison: Tennessee

Martin: Tennessee

Adcock: Tennessee

Louisville at Pittsburgh

Evans: Louisville

Simmons: Pittsburgh

Tidwell: Pittsburgh

Griffin: Pittsburgh

Mansfield: Louisville

Robinson: Pittsburgh

Mullican: Pittsburgh Garrison: Pittsburgh

Martin: Louisville

Adcock: Louisville

Riverdale at Blackman

Evans: Riverdale

Simmons: Blackman

Tidwell: Riverdale

Griffin: Riverdale

Mansfield: Riverdale

Robinson: Riverdale

Mullican: Riverdale Garrison: Riverdale

Martin: Riverdale

Adcock: Riverdale

Coffee County at Cookeville

Evans: Cookeville

Simmons: Cookeville

Tidwell: Cookeville

Griffin: Cookeville

Mansfield: Cookeville

Robinson: Cookeville

Mullican: Cookeville Garrison: Cookeville

Martin: Cookeville

Adcock: Cookeville

Rockvale at Oakland

Evans: Oakland

Simmons: Oakland

Tidwell: Oakland

Griffin: Oakland

Mansfield: Oakland

Robinson: Oakland

Mullican: Oakland Garrison: Oakland

Martin: Oakland

Adcock: Oakland

Warren County at Siegel

Evans: I think the Pioneer rushing attack is too much for the Stars. Pioneers 35, Stars 14

Simmons: Last year, I was terrified when the Pioneers went to Cannon County overconfident. It was proven to be appropriate fear as Warren County laid an egg and suffered one of the worst losses in program history. Because of that game, these Pioneers will be ready Friday night.

One thing keeping the Pioneers humble and hungry is the distractors looking for every way to discredit their 5-0 start. They’ve heard it all – “DeKalb County could’ve won,” “Cannon County wasn’t any good,” “Rockvale is still so young,” “Lawrence County had to ride three hours,” “That is the worst Blackman team in decades.” Every time the Pioneers do something good, people are ready to say, “Yeah, but…”

On Friday night, the Pioneers have a chance to shut everybody up. Sure, they’re supposed to beat Siegel at this point – that’s what 5-0 teams do against 0-5 opponents. But something that never, ever happens is Warren County going to Rutherford County and coming back with a blowout. It happens Friday night. Pioneers 42, Stars 7

Tidwell: I have picked against Warren County twice; I'm done doubting them. I think the 5-0 Pioneers will demolish Siegel. Pioneers 28, Stars 14

Griffin: Siegel doesn't have an answer for CJ Taylor and even if they come close to an answer, the "Syrup Syndicate" will open holes for Kason Holder, Ryland Holder and Xander Lee.  Sorry about Homecoming, Siegel.   Pioneers 35, Stars 14

Mansfield: Warren County is the much better team in this game, but that can be a bad thing because it could cause the Pioneers to overlook Siegel. They are bigger, stronger, and faster than the Stars which will obviously be a huge advantage for Warren County. While this could be a trap game for the Pioneers, I still believe they will win easily. Warren County 41, Siegel 17

Robinson: The Pioneers will enter the Siegel contest a bit sluggish following their emotional win over Blackman. After a slow first half, the Pioneers will regain composure and dominate the second half to extend their winning streak to six. Pioneers 35, Stars 21

Mullican: After a big win last week over Blackman in Murfreesboro, the Pioneers seem to be on a roll. Not only is Siegel going to have to worry about CJ Taylor and Co., they also have to worry about key players who are now healthy for the Pioneers. Pioneers 35, Stars 17

Garrison: Warren County will head back into Murfreesboro on Friday night and knock off

Siegel. Led behind C.J Taylor, the Pioneer offense will be to much for Siegel to handle. Pioneers 30, Stars 17

Martin: Warren County and Siegel are on two complete other ends of the spectrum. Warren County is 5-0 and Siegel is 0-5. Siegel, like the Pioneers, focuses more on its run game. Because of the Stars' scheme, LBs Ryland Holder and Braylon Grayson have the opportunity to have big games.

This will be a game won by dominating the box on the defense and not letting the Stars' agile running backs bust plays outside. It's an easy shot to call, but I believe that CJ Taylor will have another big game on the ground - but watch out for deep balls to Kason Holder, Clay Thompson or Dante Elam. It's something we didn't see against Blackman. Pioners 31, Stars 14

Adcock: If you can go to Murfreesboro and beat Blackman, you can go to Murfreesboro and beat Siegel. I'm high on the Pioneers right now. Pioneers 44, Stars 14

Extra Five

Army at Cincinnati

Mullican: Cincy Garrison: Martin: Cincinnati Adcock: Army

Florida State at Miami

Mullican: Miami Garrison: Martin: Miami Adcock: Miami

Bears at Falcons

Mullican: Bears Garrison: Martin: Falcons Adcock: Falcons

Rams at Bills

Mullican: Rams Garrison: Martin: Bills Adcock: Rams

Texans at Steelers

Mullican: Steelers Garrison: Martin: Steelers Adcock: Texans

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