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WCSA staff makes football picks

Ansley Mullican has become a fan favorite among our dedicated Warren County Sports Authority followers. Her upbeat attitude, love of the Pioneers and instant connection with coach Matt Turner has people loving her Facebook Live updates during games. It also helps that she knows the game.

Mullican is flying up the standings in the picks contest, jumping into a tie for third place after a 10-0 week. Mullican's rise in the standings coincides with editor-in-chief Jeffery Simmons slipping back to fifth. Picking games isn't the only thing Mullican is better than Simmons at - most people think she could win a foot race even if she had to make up 10 yards of ground.

Check out our poll ran on Twitter, one which started as a debate between Simmons and reporter Trevor Evans about their speed in the 40-yard dash:

Before the end of the football season, we may have to settle the debate on who is the fastest among the three. The smart money is on Mullican - a two-time, all-state soccer player during her time with the Lady Pioneers. Or, as Geoff Griffin pointed out, bet on Simmons if there are 10 boneless wings at the finish line.

Friendly arguments are becoming a weekly tradition between the staff. This week, it's Simmons and Evans going back and forth about the UT-Georgia game. Because the Pioneers are off, the top-15 matchup between the Vols and Bulldogs took center stage.

Not surprisingly, Simmons - a UT grad back in 2008 - is taking the Big Orange despite the group being huge underdogs (12.5-point dogs as of Friday at noon). Evans is hunkering down with his Dawgs - probably the right call considering Evans is three games ahead of Simmons in the standings.

Here are the current standings

1. Trevor Evans: 42-13 (8-2 last week)

     Geoff Griffin 42-13 (8-2)

3. Daniel Tidwell 41-14 (7-3)

     Ansley Mullican: 41-14 (10-0)

5. Jeffery Simmons 39-16 (7-3)

6. Carter Mansfield 37-18 (7-3)

7. Cody Robinson: 36-19 (6-4)


Reed Garrison 33-12 (8-7)

Easton Adcock 29-16 (8-7)

Now, let's take a look at the games for this week:

Evans: Georgia

Griffin: Tennessee

Tidwell: Tennessee

Mullican: Georgia

Simmons: Tennessee

Mansfield: Georgia

Robinson: Georgia

Garrison: Tennessee

Adcock: Tennessee

Evans: Florida

Griffin: Florida

Tidwell: Florida

Mullican: Florida

Simmons: Florida

Mansfield: Florida

Robinson: Florida

Garrison: Florida

Adcock: Florida

Evans: UNC

Griffin: UNC

Tidwell: UNC

Mullican: UNC

Simmons: Virginia Tech

Mansfield: UNC

Robinson: Virginia Tech

Garrison: UNC

Adcock: UNC

Evans: Clemson

Griffin: Clemson

Tidwell: Clemson

Mullican: Clemson

Simmons: Clemson

Mansfield: Clemson

Robinson: Clemson

Garrison: Clemson

Adcock: Clemson

Evans: Oklahoma

Griffin: Oklahoma

Tidwell: Texas

Mullican: Texas

Simmons: Texas

Mansfield: Oklahoma

Robinson: Texas

Garrison: Oklahoma

Adcock: Oklahoma

Evans: Panthers

Griffin: Panthers

Tidwell: Panthers

Mullican: Panthers

Simmons: Falcons

Mansfield: Panthers

Robinson: Panthers

Garrison: Falcons

Adcock: Falcons

Evans: Eagles

Griffin: Steelers

Tidwell: Steelers

Mullican: Steelers

Simmons: Steelers

Mansfield: Steelers

Robinson: Steelers

Garrison: Steelers

Adcock: Steelers

Evans: Browns

Griffin: Browns

Tidwell: Browns

Mullican: Browns

Simmons: Colts

Mansfield: Browns

Robinson: Browns

Garrison: Browns

Adcock: Colts

Evans: Jaguars

Griffin: Jaguars

Tidwell: Jaguars

Mullican: Texans

Simmons: Texans

Mansfield: Texans

Robinson: Jaguars

Garrison: Texans

Adcock: Texans

Evans: Bills

Griffin: Bills

Tidwell: Titans

Mullican: Titans

Simmons: Titans

Mansfield: Bills

Robinson: Bills

Garrison: Titans

Adcock: Bills

Extra Five

Reed Garrison and Easton Adcock are still trying to get even in the amount of games picked this season, so they'll be doing an extra five games. Here are their picks:

South Carolina at Vandy --- Garrison: Vandy Adcock: South Carolina

Mississippi St. at Kentucky --- Garrison: Miss State Adcock: Miss. State

Kansas State at TCU --- Garrison: TCU Adcock: TCU

MTSU at Florida Intl --- Garrison: FIU Adcock: MTSU

Temple at Navy --- Garrison: Navy Adcock: Temple

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