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WCSA staff makes Week 4 picks

There’s a new leader in the clubhouse.

Carter Mansfield hasn’t missed a prediction in two weeks, propelling him to the top of the standings as the Warren County Sports Authority staff picks games each week. Mansfield, a high school football guru who runs the ‘State of Tennessee HS FB’ Instagram page, will have to show he can pick pro games too.

We at the Warren County Sports Authority are excited to see the NFL return. More football is always a good thing!

If winning the pick contest wasn’t enough of a rivalry, the NFL returning pits WCSA’s sensational sideline reporter Ansley Mullican against editor-in-chief Jeffery Simmons. Mullican is a huge Tennessee Titan fan, while Simmons has been following the Jaguars since before Nashville had a team.

It’ll be interesting to see how the two can coexist as battles for AFC South supremacy start.

Here’s the standings after three weeks of high school games:

(last week’s record in parenthesis)

1. Carter Mansfield 14-1 (5-0) 93.3%

2. Jeffery Simmons 13-2 (4-1) 86.7%

3. Daniel Tidwell 12-3 (4-1) 80.0%

Trevor Evans 12-3 (5-0) 80.0%

Ansley Mullican 4-1 (4-1) 80.0%

6. Geoff Griffin 11-4 (3-2) 73.3%

7. Cody Robinson 10-5 (4-1) 66.7%

This week’s games:

Packers at Vikings

Mansfield: Packers

Simmons: Packers

Tidwell: Vikings

Evans: Packers

Mullican: Vikings

Griffin: Packers

Robinson: Vikings

Seahawks at Falcons

Mansfield: Seahawks

Simmons: Seahawks

Tidwell: Seahawks

Evans: Seahawks

Mullican: Seahawks

Griffin: Seahawks

Robinson: Seahawks

Buccaneers at Saints

Mansfield: Buccaneers

Simmons: Saints

Tidwell: Buccaneers

Evans: Buccaneers

Mullican: Buccaneers

Griffin: Saints

Robinson: Saints

Cowboys at Rams

Mansfield: Cowboys

Simmons: Rams

Tidwell: Rams

Evans: Cowboys

Mullican: Cowboys

Griffin: Rams

Robinson: Cowboys

Titans at Broncos

Mansfield: Titans

Simmons: Titans

Tidwell: Titans

Evans: Titans

Mullican: Titans

Griffin: Titans

Robinson: Broncos

Independence (1-1) at Blackman (1-1)

Mansfield: Blackman

Simmons: Blackman

Tidwell: Independence

Evans: Independence

Mullican: Independence

Griffin: Blackman

Robinson: Independence

Smyrna (2-1) at Riverdale (2-1)

Mansfield: Riverdale

Simmons: Riverdale

Tidwell: Riverdale

Evans: Smyrna

Mullican: Smyrna

Griffin: Riverdale

Robinson: Riverdale

Siegel (0-3) at Centennial (0-3)

Mansfield: Siegel

Simmons: Siegel

Tidwell: Centennial

Evans: Centennial

Mullican: Centennial

Griffin: Centennial

Robinson: Centennial

Rockvale (1-2) at Clarksville (0-1)

Mansfield: Rockvale

Simmons: Rockvale

Tidwell: Clarksville

Evans: Rockvale

Mullican: Rockvale

Griffin: Rockvale

Robinson: Rockvale

Lawrence County (3-0) at Warren County (3-0)

Mansfield: This game, like Cannon County, is a game that the Pioneers felt that they should have won last year. Warren County has been good at shutting down the run so far this season, which is Lawrence County's strength. I expect Warren County to come out looking for revenge and win the game. Pioneers 31, Wildcats 20

Simmons: This is the epitome of a trap game. People are still buzzing about a last-minute win over Rockvale and next week’s Blackman game could end up with huge playoff implications. Lawrence County is 3-0 and won this matchup last year, but most are still expecting a Warren County blowout.

Looking back, looking forward, overlooking an opponent - this is a scary game for coach Turner and his staff. Luckily, there’s an easy way to snap the Pioneers back into laser focus on Lawrence County. Just bring up last year’s long bus ride home. Pioneers 34, Wildcats 21

Tidwell: Warren County is on fire right now and it looks like they are on a great track to have a winning season. I believe the momentum will keep up and they will continue their winning ways against Lawrence County. Pioneers 35, Wildcats 14

Evans: Warren County has its best game so far this season. The defense continues to play well and the offense has a big night. Pioneers 35, Wildcats 21

Mullican: The Pioneers get it done, but continue to struggle with penalties and missed opportunities. Pioneers 41, Wildcats 14

Griffin: Warren County makes it 4-0. Last week the offense showed a lot more balance and the defense made plays when it mattered. Pioneers 27, Wildcats 21

Robinson: Warren County will carry the momentum from its 3-0 start to outlast Lawrence County. The explosive offense of the Pioneers will be too much for the Wildcat defense to handle. Pioneers 35, Wildcats 21

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