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WCSA staff makes Week 7 picks

Here are the current standings:

1. Trevor Evans: 34-11 (8-2 last week)

     Daniel Tidwell 34-11 (9-1)

     Geoff Griffin 34-11 (9-1)

4. Jeffery Simmons 32-13 (7-3)

5. Ansley Mullican: 31-14 (13-2)

6. Carter Mansfield 30-15 (7-3)

    Cody Robinson: 30-15 (9-1)


Reed Garrison 25-5 (13-2)

Easton Adcock 21-9 (10-5)

Evans: Tennessee

Tidwell: Tennessee

Griffin: Tennessee

Simmons: Tennessee

Mullican: Tennessee

Mansfield: Missouri

Robinson: Tennessee

Garrison: Tennessee

Adcock: Tennessee

Evans: Ole Miss

Tidwell: Kentucky

Griffin: Kentucky

Simmons: Ole Miss

Mullican: Ole Miss

Mansfield: Kentucky

Robinson: Kentucky

Garrison: Kentucky

Adcock: Ole Miss

Evans: Georgia

Tidwell: Auburn

Griffin: Georgia

Simmons: Georgia

Mullican: Georgia

Mansfield: Georgia

Robinson: Auburn

Garrison: Auburn

Adcock: Auburn

Evans: Jaguars

Tidwell: Bengals

Griffin: Bengals

Simmons: Jaguars

Mullican: Bengals

Mansfield: Bengals

Robinson: Bengals

Garrison: Bengals

Adcock: Jaguars

Evans: Chiefs

Tidwell: Chiefs

Griffin: Chiefs

Simmons: Chiefs

Mullican: Chiefs

Mansfield: Chiefs

Robinson: Chiefs

Garrison: Chiefs

Adcock: Chiefs

Evans: Bills

Tidwell: Bills

Griffin: Bills

Simmons: Raiders

Mullican: Bills

Mansfield: Bills

Robinson: Bills

Garrison: Bills

Adcock: Raiders

Evans: Cowboys

Tidwell: Cowboys

Griffin: Cowboys

Simmons: Browns

Mullican: Browns

Mansfield: Cowboys

Robinson: Cowboys

Garrison: Cowboys

Adcock: Cowboys

Siegel at Riverdale

Evans: Riverdale

Tidwell: Riverdale

Griffin: Riverdale

Simmons: Riverdale

Mullican: Riverdale

Mansfield: Riverdale

Robinson: Riverdale

Garrison: Riverdale

Adcock: Riverdale

Coffee County at Rockvale

Evans: Coffee County

Tidwell: Coffee County

Griffin: Coffee County

Simmons: Rockvale

Mullican: Coffee County

Mansfield: Coffee County

Robinson: Coffee County

Garrison: Coffee County

Adcock: Rockvale

Cookeville at Warren County

Evans: Every time these two teams match up, it is going to be a battle the entire time. Behind yet another strong game on the ground for the Pioneers, I don't think Cookeville will stop the winning streak. Pioneers 28, Cavaliers 14

Tidwell: Warren County is on a roll and I just don't see them slowing down anytime soon. Pioneers win

Griffin: Warren County wins because they want it more. Pioneers 35, Cavaliers 31

Simmons: It wasn’t easy coming up with a prediction for this game, but I did get some help when a fan asked me, “If the Cavaliers needed a touchdown with two minutes to go and had to go 80 yards, do you think Owen could lead them?” My answer was no because I thought the Pioneer defense would find a way to get the stop like it has in close games all year.

They followed by asking, “If the Pioneers needed a touchdown with two minutes to go and had to go 80 yards, do you think CJ could lead them?” I said yes – I’ve not seen anybody stop CJ yet when it was time to go for the win.

Warren County had its chance to go on a late drive last year and failed. I think it’s going to come down to a late drive again this year – This time the Pioneers drive and score. Pioneers 28, Cavaliers 27

Mullican: Tonight's Homecoming game will be a QB battle between CJ Taylor and Stockton Owen. I look forward to seeing Taylor and the crew win that battle and move to 7-0. As the stakes rise, the Pioneers will rise higher. Pioneers 28, Cavaliers 24

Mansfield: The Pioneers are off to a historic 6-0 start this season. Cookeville has always been one of the Pioneers' biggest rivals. Warren County plays better at home, and I think Homecoming will enhance that even more. Warren County has been playing to the level of its opponent the last few games, but I think that will change because of the pure hatred for Cookeville. Pioneers 31, Cavaliers 22

Robinson: Cookeville is battle-tested and Warren County has lost the element of surprise. The Cavalier offense will have no trouble finding the endzone and will slow down CJ Taylor and the Pioneer offense just enough to secure a close win. Cavaliers 35, Pioneers 28

Garrison: I expect a high-scoring affair. Led by CJ Taylor, the Pioneers pull off a close win late in the fourth quarter. Pioneers 28, Cavaliers 27

Adcock: The Pioneers were in a battle with 0-6 Siegel last week. During that battle, the Pioneers learned to not overlook their games and just go out and play their brand of football. I think the Pioneers will do just that against Cookeville. Pioneers 23, Cavaliers 20

Extra Five

Colts (2-1) at Bears (3-0) - Garrison: Bears Adcock: Bears

Saints (1-2) at Lions (1-2) - Garrison: Lions Adcock: Saints

Memphis (1-0) at SMU (3-0) - Garrison: SMU Adcock: Memphis

W. Kentucky (0-2) at MTSU (0-3) - Garrison: MTSU Adcock: W. Kentucky

Oakland (6-0) at Brentwood (4-1) - Garrison: Brentwood Adcock: Oakland

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