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WCSA staff makes weekly picks

Ansley Mullican has caught up in a big way. After weeks of picking extra games to get into the standings, Mullican finally made it on the same level as our original six pickers. And once she got even, she shot up the standings.

Mullican followed up a perfect 10-0 record with a superb 8-2 mark last week, jumping Trevor Evans and Geoff Griffin in the standings. Evans vows to make a it a one-week stay at the top for his sideline partner-in-crime, but it won't be easy.

As Mullican has went up the standings, editor-in-chief Jeffery Simmons has sunk like a rock. Simmons sits only in front of Cody Robinson, who said this week that Simmons has been counting his games wrong for a few weeks. Seeing how bad Simmons has been at every thing else lately, we may need an independent auditor look at Robinson's record.

Here are the current standings

1. Ansley Mullican: 49-16 (8-2 last week)

2. Trevor Evans: 48-17 (6-4)

Geoff Griffin 48-17 (6-4)

4. Daniel Tidwell 47-18 (6-4)

5. Carter Mansfield 45-20 (8-2)

6. Jeffery Simmons 43-22 (4-6)

7. Cody Robinson: 41-24 (5-5)


Reed Garrison 41-19 (8-7)

Easton Adcock 36-24 (7-8)

Now, on to this week's matchups

Mullican: Tennessee

Evans: Tennessee

Griffin: Tennessee

Tidwell: Tennessee

Mansfield: Kentucky

Simmons: Tennessee Robinson: Tennessee

Garrison: Tennessee

Adcock: Tennessee

Mullican: Georgia

Evans: Georgia

Griffin: Georgia

Tidwell: Georgia

Mansfield: Georgia

Simmons: Alabama Robinson: Georgia

Garrison: Alabama

Adcock: Alabama

Mullican: Auburn

Evans: Auburn

Griffin: Auburn

Tidwell: Auburn

Mansfield: Auburn

Simmons: Auburn Robinson: Auburn

Garrison: Auburn

Adcock: South Carolina

Mullican: Lions

Evans: Jaguars

Griffin: Jaguars

Tidwell: Lions

Mansfield: Lions

Simmons: Lions Robinson: Lions

Garrison: Jaguars

Adcock: Jaguars

Mullican: Washington

Evans: Washington

Griffin: Washington

Tidwell: Washington

Mansfield: Giants

Simmons: Giants Robinson: Giants

Garrison: Giants

Adcock: Giants

Mullican: Chiefs

Evans: Chiefs

Griffin: Chiefs

Tidwell: Chiefs

Mansfield: Chiefs

Simmons: Chiefs Robinson: Chiefs

Garrison: Chiefs

Adcock: Chiefs

Mullican: Packers

Evans: Packers

Griffin: Packers

Tidwell: Packers

Mansfield: Buccaneers

Simmons: Buccaneers Robinson: Packers

Garrison: Packers

Adcock: Buccaneers

Riverdale (6-1) at Oakland (7-0)

Mullican: Oakland

Evans: Oakland

Griffin: Oakland

Tidwell: Oakland

Mansfield: Oakland

Simmons: Oakland Robinson: Oakland

Garrison: Oakland

Adcock: Oakland

DeKalb County (5-3) at Macon County (6-1)

Mullican: Macon County

Evans: Macon County

Griffin: Macon County

Tidwell: Macon County

Mansfield: DeKalb County

Simmons: DeKalb County Robinson: DeKalb County

Garrison: Macon County

Adcock: Macon County

Warren County (7-0) at Coffee County (4-3)

Mullican: After two weeks off, I believe the Pioneers will come out fresh and ready to go! These players, coaches and fans behind this team are in this whole heartedly. The Pioneers won't disappoint in Coffee County. Pioneers 35 Red Raiders 14

Evans: The Pioneer defense is playing lights out right now. Fresh legs combined with momentum from a 7-0 start means the Red Raiders don't stand a chance. Pioneers 45, Red Raiders 0

Griffin: My first year photographing football for Warren County was two years ago - it was almost my only year photographing Warren County Football. It was a miserable experience and the low point was the Coffee County Game that year. After Coffee County won the game, the Coffee County student section planted a 'CC' flag in the middle of Nunley Stadium. I was embarrassed for the program and the community that night.

It is truly amazing the strides that the current staff has made in eliminating the apathy that led to that embarrassment. Due to a quirk in scheduling, this is the first trip to Coffee County since that happened. I'm not making a prediction - I'm laying out a challenge. My challenge to the Warren County football team is to go out and avenge that embarrassment. Don't do it by planting a flag in Manchester (You are so much better than that), go out there and give them what you gave Cookeville - 24 - 0 ought to make it about even for the Flag. Pioneers

Tidwell: After a week to rest and recover, the Pioneers have all the momentum riding their way, and Coffee County just so happens to be the unfortunate team in their way. Pioneers 28, Red Raiders 14

Mansfield: Warren County has had trouble against inferior opponents this season, which has resulted in some of its closest wins of the year. This game will be another test for the Pioneers to stay motivated, and I think the fact that it is one of the biggest rivalries on the schedule will do just that. While it does scare me that the Pioneers may overlook Coffee County, I think they will roll to victory. Pioneers 42, Red Raiders 14

Simmons: The popular 13 Nights of Fright hasn’t started yet, but I’ve already had a few nightmares this week. This game is scary for Pioneer fans.

If there’s been one thing Warren County hasn’t done well this year, it is playing as a favorite. The Pioneer coaching staff can tell its team over and over that it can’t overlook Coffee County and that the Red Raiders have good players and coaches – they absolutely do – but everybody still seems to be expecting a blowout. It’s a lot of the same talk that I heard before the Siegel game – Warren County won that one 25-20.

Should the Pioneers win this one? Absolutely. Are the going to? I think so. Will it be as easy as some think? Not likely.

Coffee County has spoiled many seasons for Warren County over the years. And let’s just say that I’ve seen some fluky (or home cooking) things happen many times in Manchester.

Just like I’d tell anybody getting stalked by Michael Myers on Halloween, the Pioneers need to run away quickly and never look back. It may not happen early, but I expect Warren County to get away late in Manchester. Pioneers 35, Red Raiders 14

Robinson: Fe ninguna maner, auf keinen Fall, non c'è modo, 没门 - translation “no way." There’s no way I would pick a Coffee County team over a Warren County Team in any sport!  Pioneers by 50! Pioneers 42, Red Raiders 28

Garrison: Warren County will continue their undefeated season as they travel to county border rival Coffee County. Pioneers 35, Red Raiders 30 

Adcock: We have the best CJ around. - Pioneers 42, Red Raiders 7

Extra Five

Falcons at Vikings - Garrison: Vikings Adcock: Falcons

Browns at Steelers - Garrison: Steelers Adcock: Steelers

Bears at Panthers - Garrison: Panthers Adcock: Bears

Cardinals at Cowboys - Garrison: Cowboys Adcock: Cardinals

Rams at 49ers - Garrison: Rams Adcock: Rams

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