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WCSA staff makes weekly picks

Ansley Mullican is still atop the standings, but she has company this week. It was a down week most pickers last week, but Carter Mansfield was able to surge up the boards with an 8-2 mark. He now finds himself in a tie for first place with Mullican, giving the field two people to chase as more college games start this week.

Ties have become a theme in the standings. Behind Mullican and Mansfield, there is a four-person log jam in third place. And behind that, three pickers are in a tie for seventh.

Here are the current standings

1. Ansley Mullican: 53-22 (4-6 last week)

Carter Mansfield 53-22 (8-2)

3. Trevor Evans: 51-24 (3-7)

Geoff Griffin 51-24 (3-7)

Daniel Tidwell 51-24 (4-6)

Jeffery Simmons 51-24 (8-2)

7. Cody Robinson: 47-28 (6-4)

Reed Garrison 47-28 (6-9)

Easton Adcock 47-28 (11-4)

This week's games

Mullican: Michigan

Mansfield: Michigan

Evans: Minnesota

Griffin: Minnesota

Tidwell: Minnesota

Simmons: Michigan

Robinson: Minnesota

Garrison: Minnesota

Adcock: Minnesota

Mullican: Oklahoma State

Mansfield: Oklahoma State

Evans: Oklahoma State

Griffin: Oklahoma State

Tidwell: Oklahoma State

Simmons: Oklahoma State

Robinson: Oklahoma State

Garrison: Oklahoma State

Adcock: Oklahoma State

Mullican: North Carolina

Mansfield: North Carolina

Evans: North Carolina

Griffin: North Carolina

Tidwell: North Carolina

Simmons: North Carolina

Robinson: North Carolina

Garrison: North Carolina

Adcock: North Carolina

Mullican: Lions

Mansfield: Lions

Evans: Lions

Griffin: Lions

Tidwell: Lions

Simmons: Falcons

Robinson: Lions

Garrison: Falcons

Adcock: Falcons

Mullican: Titans

Mansfield: Steelers

Evans: Titans

Griffin: Steelers

Tidwell: Titans

Simmons: Steelers

Robinson: Steelers

Garrison: Titans

Adcock: Steelers

Mullican: Cowboys

Mansfield: Washington

Evans: Washington

Griffin: Cowboys

Tidwell: Washington

Simmons: Cowboys

Robinson: Washington

Garrison: Washington

Adcock: Washington

Mullican: Patriots

Mansfield: Patriots

Evans: Patriots

Griffin: 49ers

Tidwell: Patriots

Simmons: 49ers

Robinson: Patriots

Garrison: Patriots

Adcock: Patriots

Coffee County at Oakland

Mullican: Oakland

Mansfield: Oakland

Evans: Oakland

Griffin: Oakland

Tidwell: Oakland

Simmons: Oakland

Robinson: Oakland

Garrison: Oakland

Adcock: Oakland

Blackman at Siegel

Mullican: Blackman

Mansfield: Blackman

Evans: Blackman

Griffin: Blackman

Tidwell: Blackman

Simmons: Blackman

Robinson: Blackman

Garrison: Blackman

Adcock: Blackman

Riverdale at Warren County

Mullican: This will be the toughest battle yet. The Pioneers need to get the jitters out quickly and get to work. The Pioneers win a full 48-minute battle. Pioneers 24, Warriors 21

Mansfield: This is easily the toughest matchup Warren County has had so far this season. The Pioneers are going to have to find a formula for consistently moving the ball, and cannot afford to get behind if they want to win. This game will have major playoff implications, as the winner almost surely clinch a home playoff game. I have gone back and forth on this pick all week.

Warriors 21, Pioneers 14

Evans: This game is going to be a grind-it-out type of game. The Pioneers make a final stand for the win. Pioneers 24, Warriors 14

Griffin: It is Warren County’s year. They are going to put together four perfect quarters and run their record to 9-0. Pioneers 22, Warriors 21

Tidwell: Riverdale is a tough team to go through, but Warren County has shown no team can stop it. Pioneers 28, Warriors 14

Simmons: As I thought over my pick in this matchup all week, I couldn’t help but come back to three words Turner uttered during our coaching show. As he finished summing up his thoughts on the history of Warren County and Riverdale, he couldn’t hold back any longer. He just said it – “I hate Riverdale.”

It wasn’t meant for bulletin board material. It wasn’t Turner taking a shot at an opponent. It was a vicarial feeling, born from being a Pioneer for over 30 years. He’s tired of being the whipping boy for the Warriors, just like the entire Warren County has had enough of being a perennial laughing stock on the football field for three decades.

Channeling that rage into production is what Turner has done best with Squad 52. I think he can do it again this Friday. Pioneers 13, Warriors 7

Robinson: To take the Riverdale focus off CJ Taylor, Warren County needs to establish multiple offensive weapons early. If the Pioneers can spread the workload out offensively, they will win a close contest over the Warriors. Pioneers 35, Warriors 28

Garrison: In a battle of top-ranked teams in the state, expect a hard-fought, close game. Ultimately, The Pioneers continue their undefeated season. Pioneers 35, Warriors 34

Adcock: The Pioneers will win tonight because not only have they had a nice week of practice after an ugly game against Coffee County, but this game will be the most important game for the Pioneers. That’s what they realize. These guys have all the potential in the world to beat Riverdale and they are going to pull it out Friday. Pioneers 21, Warriors 17

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