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Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Take a look at the full standings:

1. Carter Mansfield 69-26 (6-4 last week)

2. Ansley Mullican: 66-29 (7-3)

Geoff Griffin 66-29 (8-2)

4. Jeffery Simmons 64-31 (6-4)

Trevor Evans: 64-31 (6-4)

Daniel Tidwell 64-31 (6-4)

7. Cody Robinson: 61-35 (6-4)

8. Reed Garrison 58-37 (6-4)

9. Easton Adcock 55-40 (2-8)

Here are this week's games!

Mansfield: Georgia

Mullican: Georgia

Griffin: Georgia

Simmons: Florida

Evans: Georgia

Tidwell: Georgia

Robinson: Florida

Garrison: Georgia

Adcock: Florida

Mansfield: Arkansas

Mullican: Arkansas

Griffin: Arkansas

Simmons: Tennessee

Evans: Arkansas

Tidwell: Tennessee

Robinson: Arkansas

Garrison: Arkansas

Adcock: Tennessee

Mansfield: Clemson

Mullican: Clemson

Griffin: Clemson

Simmons: Clemson

Evans: Clemson

Tidwell: Clemson

Robinson: Clemson

Garrison: Clemson

Adcock: Clemson

Mansfield: Seahawks

Mullican: Seahawks

Griffin: Seahawks

Simmons: Seahawks

Evans: Seahawks

Tidwell: Seahawks

Robinson: Bills

Garrison: Seahawks

Adcock: Bills

Mansfield: Ravens

Mullican: Ravens

Griffin: Colts

Simmons: Colts

Evans: Ravens

Tidwell: Ravens

Robinson: Ravens

Garrison: Colts

Adcock: Ravens

Mansfield: Titans

Mullican: Titans

Griffin: Titans

Simmons: Titans

Evans: Titans

Tidwell: Titans

Robinson: Bears

Garrison: Titans

Adcock: Titans

Rossview at Oakland

Mansfield: Oakland

Mullican: Oakland

Griffin: Oakland

Simmons: Oakland

Evans: Oakland

Tidwell: Oakland

Robinson: Oakland

Garrison: Oakland

Adcock: Oakland

Wilson Central at Riverdale

Mansfield: Riverdale

Mullican: Riverdale

Griffin: Riverdale

Simmons: Riverdale

Evans: Riverdale

Tidwell: Riverdale

Robinson: Riverdale

Garrison: Riverdale

Adcock: Riverdale

Blackman at Hendersonville

Mansfield: Blackman

Mullican: Hendersonville

Griffin: Hendersonville

Simmons: Blackman

Evans: Blackman

Tidwell: Blackman

Robinson: Blackman

Garrison: Blackman

Adcock: Hendersonville

Warren County at Mt. Juliet

Mansfield: This is one of the best first-round matchups in the entire state, between two seemingly evenly matched teams. I feel very good about how the Pioneers matchup with Mt. Juliet. The Golden Bears will have a tough time keeping up with the Pioneers offensively, as they have struggled on that side of the ball all season. I think Warren County is the better team in this game, but the Pioneers will still have to play their best game to win. Pioneers 28, Golden Bears 17

Mullican: Even after a historic 8-2 season, the Pioneers are still fighting to be recognized as a great football team. With that being said, the Pioneers will come out quickly and play the entire 48 minutes with minimal mistakes. Pioneers 34, Golden Bears 24

Griffin: Warren County has shown all season that they can go on the road and beat teams with talent similar to Mt. Juliet's and that trend continues in this first round playoff matchup. CJ has a tendency to step up on the big stage - anybody remember the District Championship basketball game in Sparta last February? Look for CJ, the Holder Bros, and the Pancake squad to put on a show for the Nashville TV Cameras. Pioneers 28, Golden Bears 14

Simmons: Something struck me late Thursday night as I prepared to do my game preview and make my pick. As nervous as I was about the game for the Pioneers, I had a sense of calm as well. It was almost like I was playing with house money after being on a big run at a casino (not that I’ve had that feeling much – or ever).

The nerves left and my confidence began to soar. I remembered the pep talk before a big game years ago.

Back when I played slowpitch softball every Saturday, we formed an upstart team called Strawberry Inc. We were young and talented, but nobody thought we would amount to anything because we hadn’t won anything before. During a particularly big tournament with lots of good teams, the tournament director came to us after we won a couple games and said, “Good run, but this next team you play is really good.”

Our centerfielder Brett Mullican paused for a second, stood up and said, “Go tell them they’re about to play a really good team.” We smashed the team in five innings.

That’s what I felt like after a week of thinking about Mt. Juliet and the prestige the Golden Bears bring to the table. Sure, they’re a good team. But make no mistake, they’re about to play a good team Friday night. Pioneers 21, Golden Bears 14

Evans: The Pioneers carry the offense momentum from last week and the defense plays lights out, leading the Pioneers to the second round. Pioneers 35, Golden Bears 14

Tidwell: Pioneers win!

Robinson: Consistency and winning the turnover battle will be the deciding factor in this game. The Pioneers will get back on track this weekend by upsetting the Golden Bears to advance to the second round of the playoffs. Pioneers 31, Golden Bears 28

Garrison: Warren County travels to Mt. Juliet and picks up a first round win. The Pioneers led behind C.J. Taylor win in a shootout. Pioneers 35, Golden Bears 27

Adcock: Warren County wins this game this week off of pure momentum and determination. Although the Pioneer game last week against Oakland was put in the loss column, the effort and mindset was there. They know they have to play exactly like they played against Oakland for the rest of this postseason to make it anywhere – and they will do just that. This game versus the Bears will be a tight game in the first half, then the Pioneers will pull away with it in the second half. Pioneers 28, Golden Bears 14

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